Egyptian Magic now available in 4 sizes.


"An Everyday Must!

I keep buying this over and over because I use this for so many things - currently it's mostly keeping my baby bump nice and nourished (no sign of stretch marks yet, only a few weeks to go!) LOVE this balm!" Helen.


egyptian magic organic skin care


Egyptian Magic is loved the world over for its multi purpose uses, healing abilities and for providing an all around simplification for your beauty routine.

It is one of the most 'natural' options in our organic skin care category – containing only Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis and you only need the smallest amount so one tub can last a very long time, even when used by the whole family.

It can be used as a makeup primer, highlighter, moisturizer, cleanser, lip balm, overnight face treatment, hand and cuticle moisturizer, baby bottom balm and nappy rash soother, to name just a few of its many uses.

Now available in 4 sizes, you will be sure to find one that suits your needs. From the smallest size in your handbag as a lipbalm, to the big one in the bathroom for the whole family to use, you can even keep one on your desk at work to soothe your hands.

Sizes available are 4oz (118ml), 2oz (59ml), 1oz (30ml), 0.25oz (7.5ml) starting from $9.95 for the mini tub.

“I suffer with many allergies (even to natural/organic products) and dry skin. This cream not only corrects dry skin (sometimes overnight!) but it also has no fragrances or other irritants. A complete all rounder.”


“I invested in this at the price because I was offered a sample and I loved it so decided to purchase as my hands in winter suffer with dryness and split and cracked cuticles.WOW! What a great product. You need very little as it goes a long the whole family are using it from my husband to the kids, with hardly a dent to the level in the jar! It’s my 'cherry pick' for a family staple from this point forward. Thanks BB x”

By Renee Bell


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