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Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant paste is so popular we have now started selling it in bulk packs! The worldwide favourite natural dedorant paste with its unique formula and exceptional performance is now available in 4pack, 6 pack and 10 pack options equating to just over one tub for free on the 10 pack, plus free shipping available.

People have been taking advantage of these packs by giving them away as presents to family and friends (great for Christmas!), getting together with a group of friends or work colleagues and buying together, or simply just buying for your family. If you have a few spares it is great to have one in each bathroom in the house, one in the gym or school bag, and then some spare for when you run out.


"Super service.

Can not fault at all the service from this company! Black Chicken is a staple with my mother's group, we absolutely love this product. It's the only natural deo we have used that actually works. Love Black Chicken but wouldn't buy from anywhere else either!!!!"


"At last - a product that exceeds all expectations.

I cannot rate this paste highly enough - I've given it to so many family members and friends who love it, too. It's easily the best deodorant I have ever used - no exaggeration. It's effects are incredibly long-lasting - my sister, who lives in hot and humid Brisbane, was astonished that she still smelled fabulous 24 hours after applying it. Fabulous!"


black chicken axilla



The chemical-free, natural deodorant from Black Chicken Remedies:


"Love this product.

After trying this, I’ll never go back to using other deodorants! It really is fabulous!"


"Excellent, no smell product.

Love this natural deodorant paste. Not sticky to put on and keeps me feeling fresh all day. Couldn't smell a thing apart from the fresh scent of the paste. Recommend it to all my friends and have given some away for Christmas presents!"


By Renee Bell


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