Your Guide To Faux Lashes


While our natural mascaras can provide you with beautiful long lashes, there are special occasions when you may just want a little more in the lash department. And well, that means falsies.  While finding a natural, toxin-free mascara isn't a problem (as there are so many amazing eco beauties on the market), when it comes to faux lashes, it can be more of a challenge! So, we've searched long and hard for a beautiful lash range for you, that are comfortable, easy-to-use and most importantly of all – mink-free, cruelty-free. Having stumbled across Battington, we are super impressed by not only the sophisticated lash offering, but the brand's credentials. Here we put together a guide to faux lashes, so you may find your most luscious lashes yet!

Natural Beauty

If you are looking for an understated look, Earhart provide just enough subtle length and volume. They look so naturally beautiful, no-one would even know! Great for newbies.

Luscious Length

Battington Lashes Hepburn

If you desire super long lashes, Hepburn lashes will give you extra flutter with just the right volume, so not to weigh you down.

Va Va Volume

Battington Lashes Monroe

To really make a statement, amp up your lash volume with Monroe. These lashes provide moderate length but high-voltage volume. 

In need of a little lash therapy? Plume Lashes uses the power of plants to create a replenishing lash serum to help strengthen and lengthen your lashes naturally, from root to tip. 


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