Your Guide To Natural Face Masks


A regular skincare boost in the form of a face mask is not only an excuse for some relaxation time, but chance to remedy a number of skin care issues, from dehydration, to breakouts to pigmentation and wrinkles. Sometimes it's just good to give skin a radiance boost before a special event. And while regular in-salon facials are the ideal solution, time and budget does not always allow for that. Fortunately, we have lots of great natural face masks for different skin needs available on our virtual shelves, the hardest part can be deciding which to buy, so, we've compiled a list of our most-popular formulas, the differences between each, and how to find the best for your complexion.

1. Cream Masks

A cream mask is best for giving skin a moisture boost, when feeling tired, irritated, over-sensitised, lacklustre or dehydrated.  It can be great post sun exposure and should be like your favourite moisturiser working over time. Often extremely dehydrated skin can leave a cream mask on overnight as thirsty skin cells will drink it up for quick absorption. It's a great way to give skin a quick pick-me-up for a healthy glow.

Our picks:

Madara SOS Instant Moisture Mask - ideal for extremely dry skin, due to sun exposure, stress or mature skin. The rich treatment mask works instantly to plump the skin's surface, return it's healthy glow and strengthen the skin's barrier to protect from moisture loss and future dehydration. Suited to all skin types wanting a little SOS and radiance boost!

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask - ideal for calming irritated or sensitised skin due to eczema, allergies or sun burn because it contains antibacterial manuka honey, a traditional remedy of New Zealand Maori people. Due to honey's natural antibacterial and cleansing properties, this facial mask is also the ultimate solution for spots and blemishes.

2. Gel Masks

As with cream masks, gel masks can be great for giving skin a much needed moisture and anti-ageing lift but are more lightweight so ideal for combination and oily skin types too. Unlike a cream formula, these beauties work more to beautify the surface of the skin and sometimes the excess gel needs removing after the recommended duration.

Our picks:

Kypris Glow Philtre - ideal for giving the "look of love" – an undeniable, healthy glow to revitalise the skin’s surface with its luxury ingredients and feel. Ideal for all skin types and maintaining clear pores. Gorgeous for combination and normal skin types.

Divine Woman Lactic Gel – this lactic gel cleanser can actually be left on skin for up to 20 minutes for an intense resurfacing treatment for all skin types, particularly good for oily/combination and normal.

If you want something super cooling and gel like this summer, we recommend treating your skin to Vanessa Megan's Cyro Facelift Ice Cube Treatment. Using the ageing preventative Cryotherapy, these ice-cold treatment applications come in an ice cube infusion which incorporates active ingredients for regenerative skin results, plumping, brightening and instant lift!

3. Mud Masks

Mud masks are not only a bit of fun, but a great way to deep cleanse the skin and draw out impurities with mineral rich ingredients direct from Mother Earth. And, for those with a dreaded break-out, a mud mask can be a quick fix, helping draw out any excess oil, dirt, as well as general impurities. They're ideal for oily skin types, and those with excess shine, but won't leave your complexion completely parched if it's slightly dry. Time for a detox!

Our picks:

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud - this may not be a traditional "mud" mask, but certainly adheres to skin and has the benefits of one. Lush, velveteen, cozy – a cleanser and masque in one, that's just what you need to reveal a fresh and clear complexion that is silky soft. A divine union of raw honey, white halloysite clay and aromatic pure plant oils marry to envelope your skin. Ideal for dry and sensitive skins.

Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask – ideal for a deep detoxify, this mask works hard to rejuvenate and purify skin through powerful antioxidant and phytonutrient plant synergies. Rich cacao antioxidants help slow skin cell decline and assist in collagen production to increase elasticity and luminosity. Great for all skin types, particularly oily, combination and normal.

4. Clay Masks

Clay mask work in a similar way to mud masks but often come in a powder form, and need to be mixed with a little purified water or hydrating mist. Think pretty colours: pink, green and white. Pink is more nourishing, green more mattifying and detoxing, and white more neutralising and balancing. However, they are all good at removing access oil from your skin, refining pores and killing acne-causing bacteria. If just a little excess shine is an issue for you, 10 to 15 minutes wearing a clay mask once a week will help to keep it under control. 

Our picks:

Green clay - La Mav Green Clay Detox Mask is a detoxifying clay mask formulated with green and white clay to absorb impurities and control excess oil. Fruit acids and extracts exfoliate to reveal plump skin and reduce the appearance of pore size, while Marula Oil leaves the skin moisturised, radiant and toned. Formulated for oily to combination skin types.

Pink clay - Atom Ghassoul Clay Mask contains Moroccan Ghassoul Clay (also known as Rhassoul Clay), a naturally occurring product that is organically mined from ancient deposits, deep within the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Ghassoul Clay helps improve skin clarity and elasticity by removing dead cells and rebalancing the skin by tightening pores. Great for combination and normal skin types.

White Clay - MV Organic Skincare Signature Mineral Mask contains white French clay - Kaolin, to give skin an anti-ageing, radiance and hydration boost. Rich in Silica, Zinc and Magnesium to, the mask is super-softening, strengthening and gently exfoliating. It instantly reduces redness and evens out skin tone, giving a super-healthy glow. So ideal for drier and more sensitised skin types.

A bit of everything? Try May Lindstrom's The Problem Solver which really does solve a myriad of skin issues thanks to its jet black infusion of Fuller’s Earth Clay, Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, exotic spices, soil nutrients and Raw Cacao. The intensive treatment effectively purifies and tightens pores, bringing warmth and detoxification to the skin with delightful ease and power. Solves all problems, all skin types!

5. AHA Peel Masks

Peel masks help the skin renew by removing dead skin cells thanks to skin-loving and refining AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). The gentle yet effective exfoliation process leaves skin feeling soft, renewed and looking more youthful and radiant. AHAs masks are suited to all skin types, before a special event for smoother and more beautiful makeup application, and to help remove dry/flaky patches for combination and dry skin types.

Our picks:

Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask - is the perfect balance for combination and blemish-Prone Skin. Combining innovative fruit acids with anti-blemish actives, this deep-cleansing Mask clears congestion and refines pores in the gentlest possible way. Sensitive skin-friendly AHAs accelerate cell renewal to brighten skin tone, remove dead cells and smooth the skin's surface.

Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask – for when you need a deeper exfoliation! It reveals smoother, brighter  and more radiant skin. The active AHA peeling mask gives instant radiance with nature’s super dose of active acids. Fruit acids and vitamin C from quince fruit, blended with hydrating lactic acid and soothing elderflower provides efficient exfoliation for bright, radiant and smooth skin. It improves the efficacy of skin care and provides a flawless canvas for makeup. 

The above a just a few of our top pick face masks per type, discover all the natural face masks we stock. It's recommended to use a face mask at least once a week to reap optimum skin transformation benefits. Enjoy the ritual, and enjoy the results!


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