The Best Natural SPF For You


No matter the season, here in sunny Australia it's important to protect your skin from both visible and invisible UVB and UVA rays, by using a toxin-free SPF, all-year around. An SPF is an investment in your skin's health and also the most important anti-ageing product you can purchase. Below we outline our top pick SPFs, and which may be best suited to your own lifestyle and preferences.

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF30

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream is a dual-action luxury day cream that performs as a regenerating moisturiser and natural, broad spectrum sunscreen in one. Delivering a potent combination of distinct herbal actives and plant oils to repair, moisturise and protect skin. The unique herbal synergies release skin transforming anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients proven to firm, reduce redness, and assist the skin in regeneration. It is lightweight, pure and protecting for all skin types. It can be worn underneath your favourite makeup, and is also available with a tint.

Best for: Every day luxury skin protection

INIKA Loose Mineral Powder Foundation SPF25

If you are looking for sun protection with your makeup, then INIKA's award-winning mineral powder foundation suited to all skin types, including sensitive and problem, is our top pick with its SPF 25. The multitasking powder is a concealer, foundation and powder in one, providing a radiant, natural finish. The powder can also be worn over INIKA's BB cream or liquid foundation.

Best for: Protective makeup and sensitive skin

La Mav Loose Mineral Powder Foundation SPF15

Another great makeup alternative is La Mav's Anti-Ageing Minerals not only provide great natural coverage, but contain Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil to provide anti-ageing benefits while also nourishing and protecting your skin from free radicals. The SPF 15 is great for wintertime, or additional protection, when worn over your regular sunscreen.

Best for: An extra SPF boost from your makeup (not a complete sunscreen)

MUKTI Tinted Moisturiser SPF15

If you want a moisturiser and tint in one, MUKTI's gives a very subtle tint. Zinc oxide filters both ageing UVA and burning UVB rays. This all-natural sunscreen solution is suited to all skin types, being readily absorbed and non-greasy. The skin care formulation also helps strengthen and maintain healthy skin cell growth, being fortified with additional antioxidants and native Australian extracts, including aloe vera, kakadu plum, green tea and jojoba. This is quite a thick consistency, so great for the beach, but not so good for every day.

Best for: The beach!!

Antipodes Immortal SPF15 Face & Body

With its moisturising blend of New Zealand plant extracts, Antipodes SPF 15 sunscreen offers 93% absorption and filtering of UVA and UVB sunlight. This little lightweight beauty will help keep your skin protected and hydrated come rain or shine, and is great value to boot! For face and body; can be worn underneath your makeup.

Best for: Mild winter or additional SPF protection

Eco Sunscreen Face SPF 30

If you want a sunscreen just for face, the Eco Logical's sunscreen for face contains a lightweight blend of skin protecting certified organic and natural antioxidant ingredients, including rosehip, cucumber and green tea, soothing, calming and protecting sun exposed skin. The active ingredient is zinc oxide with an SPF 30. Despite the high factor, the produc's consistency is light and blends well.

Best for: Every day protection for your face

{SIMPLE as that} Sunscreen SPF 30

 Another sunscreen we love, that works well for both face and body is {SIMPLE as that}. As with Eco, the zinc oxide base has been blended with natural antioxidant ingredients including green tea, rosehip and raspberry seed oil, which not only protect the skin but help ensure the product is more moisturising and easy to blend.

Best for: Year around sun care face and body

So that's just a few options we stock; most of our mineral makeup brands do offer a mild SPF, but it is always worth using a natural zinc-oxide based sunscreen when out and about, and especially in the summertime for full spectrum sun protection.


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