Yoga Rituals For Self Care


Any healing we do within ourselves has an affect on every other person we encounter, I say that on the off chance you were thinking that self care is selfish, says beautiful yogi Maryanne Edwards, founder of Organically Wealthy...

Just like our hearts that oxygenate themselves first before sending oxygenated blood out to the rest of the body we must nourish ourselves at all levels to be of service in the world. 

Yoga and Ayurveda offer us detailed rituals for self care, I’ll offer you a few of my simple favourites below and invite you to create your own. It’s important you be flexible with it, if life gets in the way one day don’t throw it out the window just start again. 

Spend some time in stillness

Whether it be going to a yin or meditation class or just taking 5 minutes to sit and be with yourself, this is my non-negotiable. 

Make contact with your body

Actually touch yourself, placing a hand on your heart and/or the other on your belly. It’s a simple gesture that offers the same sentiment you would to a dear friend when you ask how they are doing.

If time permits Ayurveda regards self massage as of utmost benefit to you, with your favourite body oil long slow rhythmic sweeps.


Let your body lead you as to whether it should be gentle stretching or something more energetic but moving in anyway is what we were designed to do. You know this, it makes you feel good, do what you can even if just for 10 minutes at the foot of your bed. 

Connect with nature

The same intelligence that created oceans and planets and avocados created you! You must be important, it’s imperative that you’re here. When we honour the spectacular display that nature puts on right in front of us we feel intrinsically necessary in this world. 

Step outside and gaze up at the sky, talk to your plants, my fave - bare feet in the sand. 


Finally, remember to breathe!! Long and slow, letting it pour into you welcoming fullness and not getting in it’s way when it’s time to leave.

Hint: conscious breathing can (and should!) be added to any or all of the previous suggestions (self-love, multi-tasking!).

Model: Maryanne Edwards, Photographer: Rita Ince


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