Yoga For Summer Detox


After all the season's festivities your body as well as your skin may be in need of a detox. What better way to keep healthy and mindful this summer than with yoga? Easy to practice at home, or in beautiful natural surroundings, Maryanne Edwards, founder of Organically Wealthy, shows us how we can all help our bodies detox this January.

Dragonfly Lateral Pose

There are two main areas of the body that we can work with to swiftly cleanse any toxins from our system: the lungs and the liver.

The lungs are our frontline filtration devices so the clearer they are the more effective the whole system will be. Pranayama, breathing exercises, are really effective and fast-acting to kick start the body's natural cleansing mechanism. Especially if you do them outdoors or with plenty of fresh air flow in your practice space. 

My favourite cleansing breath practice is Kapalabhati (breath of fire), which involves short quick breaths and a pumping action in the lower belly particularly on the exhale.

The liver is imperative to detoxification, helping the body to metabolise fats, as well as toxins such as alcohol, pesticides and stress.

A yin yoga pose that stimulates both the lungs and the liver is reclining "butterfly pose", with arms outstretched, over a bolster would be even better; hold for five minutes plus.

Dragonfly Pose

Wide knee child's pose or "dragonfly pose", with arms reaching forward, will also target these areas, directing chi flow (vital energy) through the channels that nourish lungs and liver.

Then of course there’s your skin! Yang yoga, vinyasa or any muscular practice, should generate heat in the body pushing toxins to the surface so you can sweat them out, how clever are our bodies?!

Enjoy natural beauties!


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