Weleda Skin Food: Top 10 Uses


Weleda is a holistic skincare brand in harmony with nature and human beings. It was founded by humanitarian and philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. He also developed the principles of biodynamic farming and anthroposophical medicine, and today many of these principles are still used to create their products. Weleda strives to source only the finest ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild-crafted suppliers.

Weleda Skin Food

Feeding Skin for 90 Years 

Developed in 1926, Skin Food is a deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating whole-body moisturiser that restores and protects dry and rough skin. This enriching balm contains a mixture of organic plant actives to soothe and comfort skin battered by daily stresses. Rich, yet gentle, Skin Food is a 100% certified natural blend of organic chamomile, calendula, rosemary and wild pansy, in a thick base of sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil and organic beeswax - no wonder your skin will devour it!

Skin Food Ingredients

• Organic Rosemary Leaf

• Revitalising, stimulating and warming. Boosts dull complexions.

• Organic Wild Pansy

• Soothing and healing properties. Traditionally used on dry, cracked skin.

• Organic Calendula

• Wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

• Organic Chamomile

• Gentle, soothing and repairing. Ideal for delicate or sensitive skin.

One Cream, Multiple Solutions

Skin Food is your ideal whole-body moisturiser. Top 10 uses include:

• Replenishes overworked hands

• Hydrates dry elbows

• Softens cracked heels

• Intense treatment for dry feet

• Soothes scratchy knees

• Heals chapped lips and nose

• Revitalising face mask

• Replaces make-up primer

• Highlighter for cheekbones

• Ideal in-flight companion

Weleda Skin Food is available in two sizes 30ml & 75ml.

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