Vintner's Daughter Ingredient Pairing to treat common skin issues


If you added up the total cost of your full skin care regime that is set aside to treat specific issues when they arise, what would it add up to and how many of those bottles would get completely used?

What if I told you that you could replace them with just one highly concentrated Active Botanical Serum that you will love so much that you won't waste a drop?

Vintner's Daughter has been meticulously balanced with some of the most precious oil extracts available today. Regardless of the skin issue, the ingredients will be found in the serum to treat any reaction you need to treat and will pro-actively assist in preventing countless others. It is a true investment in the health of your skin.


Calendula, avocado and tamanu oils will help minimise the redness in your skin by reducing inflammation and spurring skin healing.


The inclusion of nettle and dandelion in this serum help to calm irritation by deeply nourishing and repairing compromised skin


Increase cellular turnover and lighten dark spots on the skin with the inclusion of hazelnut, carrot seed and evening primrose oil.

Vintner's Daughter is the ultimate premium multi-tasker used to rehydrate and repair damaged skin from a multitude of skin conditions, including rescuing 'hangover' skin after a big night out.

It's a part of Gwenyth Paltrow's night time skin care ritual and it can be a part of yours too.

CLICK HERE for the full list of 22 ingredients and to purchase a bottle today.

By Joanne Musgrave


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