Veganuary: Embracing Vegan Beauty


Since it’s Veganuary – an entire month dedicated to supporting vegan’s across the world and a chance for us all to embrace more plant-based cuisine – what better time to consider a vegan beauty routine? Not only are ethically-sourced, vegan products kinder for our planet, but just as good for our skin!

Vegan Beauty

Vegans, veggies and animal lovers alike, a growing number of us are starting to question the ingredients in our cosmetics. Although the classification “cruelty free” should mean products and ingredients not tested on animals, at any stage in their production, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re vegan.

While it may be quite easy to master your meals with healthy plant-based foods, the world of vegan beauty is harder to navigate, with animal ingredients often listed with misleading names. If you’re after truly vegan beauty, avoid products containing carmine, beeswax, propolis, guanine and lanolin. At Beautiful Because, all the brands we stock are cruelty-free, with the majority of products being vegan too. Here are just a few we love for their 100 percent vegan and healthy, all-natural formulas, plus ethical beauty credentials:

Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale Cosmetics prove high-pigments can be vegan with their beautiful cream and powder based mineral cosmetics. Advocates for a healthy #CleanBeautyRevolution, Au Naturale also locally source all ingredients and use recyclable eco packaging.

Axiology Organic Lipsticks

We absolutely love Axiology Lipsticks for their beautiful shades, luxe packaging and organic and sustainable stance. The lipstick boxes are sourced from Bali, where brand founder Ericka discovered a woman-owned recycled-paper boutique.

INIKA Organic Makeup

Australian makeup brand INIKA Organic is known for its integrity and purity. Not only are the brand certified organic, but vegan to boot! The exceptional range blurs the line between makeup and skincare for healthy, wholesome beauty.

MUKTI Organic Skincare

When it comes to skincare, brands that use pure bioactive and locally sourced plants are our favourite. MUKTI ticks all the boxes: certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free and handcrafted with love and conscious intention, you'll love this super pure skincare line from a family-run company who make fresh batches on demand.

Rahua Amazon Beauty

The Rahua brand are passionately committed to creating the most clean and efficacious all-natural formulas – all of which are vegan, organic, sulfate free, paraben free, gluten free and cruelty free. They are dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous people that live there and support the local community where their Rahua Oil is sourced, donating a percentage of their annual sales.

Other 100% vegan brands we stock include Yarok Hair, Eco Tan, MV Organic Skincare, Vanessa Megan, Ere Perez, Indah and Kypris Skincare. La Mav Organic Skincare have also just gone completely vegan! But that's just a few, head to our vegan beauty page to discover all. It seems more natural brands are switching to vegan ingredients!

Kindness in action means the products match the integrity and intentions behind their company’s mission and philosophy, and this is so important when purchasing not only cosmetics but, well, anything!

Makeup brushes can be a contentious issue whether you’re vegan or not. Often they are made using goat, squirrel, mink, sable or horsehair, in factories, where animals are kept in cruel and cramped conditions. All the brushes we stock are vegan, cruelty-free and made from synthetic materials. Visit our makeup brushes page to discover our range.

And while we are on the subject, don't forget about the materials your clothes, accessories and footwear are made from too. Consider trying vegan and leather-alternatives and, in particular, be sure to avoid fur (even fake) – it's certainly a big no, no, for anyone who puts animal welfare before fashion.

By Nina Weston


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