Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day


When Valentine’s Day comes around, a lot of hype is made about romantic couples giving and receiving gifts. But, we reckon, regardless of your relationship status, self-love is vital and you deserve to spoil yourself with treats that make you feel like the beautiful being you are. So, enjoy our sweet Valentine’s Day temptations and find the perfect pressie for you! A little self-love calls...

Pucker Up

Karen Murrell's Lip Collection is the ultimate "feel good" gift to add a little pucker to your smile this V Day. Featuring 5 bestselling shades, it's like a luscious bouquet of flowers. Karen handpicked this array of naturally beautiful shades to give you a delightful burst of colour and brighten up your day.

"I’m an unapologetic romantic and think that Valentine’s Day should be embraced and celebrated, not shunned and scoffed at,” says lipstick creator Karen Murrell. “I believe in love and the transformative power of lipstick. It’s an instant mood lifter and draws positive attention." We most certainly agree!

Smell Divine

Josh Rosebrook's Ethereal Scent is a heavenly, other-worldly essential oil blend that's pure, potent and super alluring. The unisex aroma warms to your body's own natural oils for a unique and sensual smell. The celestial, warm and earthy fragrance has a delicate, lingering staying power due to its exquisite formulation and high concentration of superior quality, organic, absolutes. 

"It's such a powerful experience for me" says Josh Rosebrook, master formulator of this scent. "There is something about the composition of Ethereal that makes me feel so complete, so finished, and gives me a sense of empowerment... It is a gift that will bring [you this], pure delight and peace for a very long time too... A universal fragrance for all people."

Take it from the BB team, just wait until you try it! You will be enchanted, as will all who "sniff" you!

Pure Indulgence

If you can hear indulgence calling, it must be Kypris! Formulated for results and unparalleled pleasure, this skincare line inspires you to take your self-care routine to a whole new level and Glow Philtre is one of the brand’s best-selling treatments that will have you addicted from the very first time you try it.

The decadent refining mask will give you the "look of love" – an undeniable, healthy glow. The precious blend contains refining pomegranate pith enzymes, softening thalassic extracts of sea fennel stem cells and sea algae, and ultra hydrating silver ear mushroom to revitalise the skin’s surface. Need we say any more!!

Hair To Go

Get hair as pristine and lustrous as you ever dreamt it could be with this formidable and unique formula containing Rahua's secret ingredient Rahua-Ungurahua (well, not so secret now!) to invigorate tresses and purify follicles, and Gardenia essential oil, harvested in the Andes that will leave it smelling sweet as. 2-3 drops between washes is all you need! Focus on ends for best results. 

Rahua's founder Fabian Lliguin says: "We use the best and most effective natural ingredients available today. We keep it simple. All of our products work for all hair types and ethnicities. Most luxury products need multiple skus (for example: one per each type of hair).  With some brands, it takes a while to find your hair match whereas with Rahua the find is instantaneous! The secret lies in the science of Rahua oils molecular structure. Unlike other botanical oils or widely-used silicones that only coat strands’ exterior, the extraordinarily small molecule deeply penetrates the hair’s cortex – bonding and repairing it – while simultaneously smoothing the cuticle."

Sensational Skin

Be a Sunflower with Madara and smile this V'Day! The beautiful golden beige tinted moisturiser tints, illuminates and evens out your skin tone. Northern flower extracts (rose, sunflower, chamomile and calendula) and natural pigments add instant hydration and luminosity to the skin for a super glowy and flawless finish. Light-reflecting particles, mask imperfections and smooth fine lines. With this lighter alternative to foundation, skin is left fresh and radiant, looking and feeling fabulous! For barely there, completely natural and "no makeup" (I just got up and left the house like this!) look.

Madara's founder Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere says of the secret to beautiful skin:  "I adore skincare layering – this is my way to get that super-hydrated glow. Here is the how-to: apply in layers first serum, then a facial oil, then a moisturiser, and top with a tinted moisturiser. Wait at least 5 minutes before applying each of the next layers. Skin looks nude, energised and healthy!"

Colour Pop

Pamper your nails with an at-home mani, look and feel beautiful with a pop of colour from Kester Black. Our pick? Has to be the oh so ripe Cherry Pie.

Feel good with your purchase of Kester Black that's ethically produced, Australian made, professional quality, environmentally produced and cruelty-free. 

"I have always believed in ethical purchasing and when I was looking for nail polish that was ethically produced and environmentally friendly I was disappointed with what was available. I realised there needed to be a better option for consumers who care about both the ethics and design of their products" — Anna Ross, Founder. 

Bath Time Beauty

Is there anything more luxurious than dimming the lights, indulging in a glass of wine, lighting some candles and reclining into a warm, sensual bath? We believe it’s a treat that can’t be topped, and Lux Aestiva's Ethereal Bath Petals are the perfect addition to this relaxing, restorative pleasure.

Combining the most luxurious of flower petals and detoxifying salts to captivate your senses and soothe your skin, this brilliant bath soak also contains magnesium flakes that will soothe your skin. Simply pour a little into a warm bath and stir until the salts dissolve, before soaking away. Bliss!


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