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At Beautiful Because, we are always on the scout for the latest natural beauty breakthrough, so you can imagine our delight when we discovered Sydney-based artist, Susie Sierra’s luxury face oil range Sierra Gold, featuring gold leaf - yes, gold leaf!

Gold leaf has in fact been used in Ayurvedic and holistic skin remedies for centuries in Asia. It is highly regarded, particularly by those with a penchant for luxury, for it has anti-inflammatory, skin-brightening and healing properties. Topically, gold stimulates blood flow to the tissues by relaxing the tiny blood vessels and thereby supporting the skin’s regenerative powers. What’s more, it deliciously melts into skin providing a healthy, luminous glow and is a decadent beauty ritual.


Founder Susie is renowned for her exquisite paintings of nature; but spent her 20's working in the beauty industry as a model for Australian fashion magazines, including Vogue Australia and Cosmopolitan Magazine. Today, she brings a unique approach to the worldly concept of beauty. We asked her about her transition from artist and model, to beauty creator: “I’ve been an artist for over 20 years and my art has always been inspired by the deepest notions of beauty – a beauty that comes from within, inspired by nature and ancient cultures. I’ve also had an inner entrepreneur knocking at the door for years! Finally, I decided to let her out!"

Susie’s mother was a beauty and skincare expert and the passion has been passed on to her daughter. “When I put all my passions and experience together, I knew what I wanted to create and my luxury skincare line Sierra Gold was born," say Susie…. "First of all, I did a lot of research into natural and organic products. I thought about what women really want for their beauty and skincare. After all the research, rather than launch a complete range, I decided to really concentrate on just the two luxury face oils and make them truly sublime. I knew they would set the tone and quality for future products. I really believe in setting a strong and authentic foundation and this pretty much goes for everything in life.”


It really isn’t just the gold leaf that makes Sierra Gold luxury skin oils so special, each oil is comprised of eight super botanical oils sourced from across the globe. “I wanted my products to reach out and connect with women all over the world - the Universal woman.” To reflect this, the precious oils are ethically sourced from different countries and regions – Australia, California, India, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.

When combined, these carefully selected oils are far more potent than on their own - for example, Camellia Seed oil when combined with Red Raspberry Seed oil, has strong sun-resistant properties; Organic Kakadu Plum Seed oil and Seabuckthorn oil combine to offer essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, including Phytosterol, Vitamin E, C, and Beta-Carotene for anti-ageing benefits. Both Sierra Gold formulas are deeply penetrating and highly refined. They are designed to be absorbed immediately into the skin nourishing and repairing tired cells while leaving no oily residue. Best of all, each oil is underscored by a carefully selected, heavenly fragrance:

Sierra Gold Light is a lighter style face oil, perfect for younger skin but suitable for women of all ages. It carries the fragrance of the Hyacinth flower which is a natural antidepressant. It’s gorgeous in the morning because it’s so uplifting.


Sierra Gold Deep is especially for mature skin. It is rich and deeply penetrating. It contains the oil of the sacred Blue Lotus flower which is the special ingredient that helps repair proteins in the skin's structure, restoring strength and elasticity. A natural aphrodisiac, the scent of the Blue Lotus is said to promote feelings of euphoria and deep sensuality. It is perfect for using at night.



The range also incorporates the practice of "Blooming Face", an ancient Chinese Qi Gong technique which, if practiced daily, is reputed to not only delay the ageing process but to improve it. "I look at beauty from a worldly perspective," explains Susie. "I want to inspire women to know the full experience of their beauty which is many­ fold. Beauty encompasses all the senses and is deeply embedded in nature and the world of art and ancient culture." The Blooming Face massage technique is a great way to apply your gold oil and reap the full-holistic benefits of its ingredients derived from nature, formulated with love and style.

Quick Q&A with Susie:

Discover more about the amazing woman behind the brand!

Susie Sierra

Why is natural beauty better?

I believe natural skincare achieves much better, longer-lasting results. Natural skincare nourishes and works with the natural rhythms of the body whereas some mainstream products are often designed to do the opposite, which is to break down the skin’s cells forcing them into a renewal cycle. Also what you put on your skin goes into your body! That alone is reason enough for me.

Why gold leaf at the heart of your range?

I learned that gold is revered as an anti-inflammatory and science is really just discovering how much inflammation is the cause of many ailments including allergies, digestive disorders, stress, arthritis and chronic fatigue just to name a few. Gold is a powerful symbol. It reflects light and is truly luxurious. It’s history and how it was formed in the Universe is also a very romantic story. My name, Sierra, is also synonymous with gold.

What are your own beauty secrets?

I practise what I call, Blooming Face. It’s an ancient Chinese Qi Gong technique achieved by gently rubbing hands together then mindfully pressing open palms onto the face. This simple practice activates the natural chi that is already present in your hands. Chi restores youthful balance in the skin's complexion and actually reverses the ageing process. It is not widely known in the west but it is a powerful practice. I do this in conjunction with the application of my face oils.

Be consistent with your skincare. Don’t skip! Even when you get home late from a party and you’re really tired, always clean and nourish your face. It only takes a few minutes and the benefits will really show long-term.

How do you like to keep healthy?

If I had to narrow it down to one practice only I would have to say, meditation. I’ve been meditating daily for over 20 years and it has really transformed my life. I’ve taught meditation over the years and I’ve seen the benefits for others. I’ve seen people blossom like flowers in Springtime and it’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of that process.

What does your typical day look like?

I get up early and love to be creative first thing so I begin the day by sketching out some ideas for paintings over a morning cup of tea. I then do half an hour of Qi Gong (which is like a Chinese yoga) followed by half an hour of meditation. This really sets the tone and grounds me for the day. As an artist this is essential. From there anything can happen in my day and I try to stay in the flow. I love what I do so much that sometimes I forget to press the stop button!

What is your favourite way to unwind?

Spending time with my friends who make me laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine! I also love to go walking in nature and sneak in some extra meditation time if I can.

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Besides having healthy, glowing skin, it’s the way a person moves that I find so beautiful. Some women carry themselves with such grace. People think beauty is a look but it’s not, it’s actually a feeling that exists inside us that is triggered through our senses. Next time you see something that you think is beautiful, turn your attention inward to your feelings because that is the real source of true beauty.


Susie's eco luxe, vegan brand is expanding with more beautiful face and body oil products to come this year. CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER SIERRA GOLD at Beautiful Because.


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