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For years big cosmetic companies have peddled the idea that beautiful skin is only attainable if we purchase products that contain the latest lab-created complexes and sci-fi-like creations. Thankfully this is not the case, as natural and organic skincare products can contain highly active and efficacious vitamins, minerals, oils and enzymes that deliver incredible results – no chemical-laden concoctions necessary. Here we explore some of the most common skin concerns that can be addressed effectively with natural, toxin-free skincare products.



Dark spots, blotchiness, and an uneven skin tone are some of the first signs of ageing - and some of the most complained about skin conditions. Often a result of excessive sun exposure or skin inflammation (such as that caused by acne), pigmentation has a reputation for being tricky to treat. Here's how we recommend you address it:

Regular exfoliation is an essential step in reducing stubborn pigmentation. Try incorporating an alpha hydroxy acid-based exfoliant into your skincare routine two to three times a week. This will help to break down pigmentation and also removes dead skin cell build up to reveal a brighter complexion. Try Madara’s Brightening AHA Peel Mask:

Another important step is a potent skin brightening serum applied nightly before moisturiser. Look for serums and elixirs that contain vitamin C, which is known for its incredible pigmentation-busting and skin brightening properties. Try Mukti’s Age Defiance Vital C Elixir:


It’s important to use SPF protection to help prevent future pigmentation from developing, and also to help stop current pigmentation from worsening. Many exfoliants and strong skin serums can actually increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so make sure you slip, slop, slap every day. We love Eco Tan’s Tinted Natural Coconut Sunscreen SPF 30:



Pesky fine lines love to rain on our parade as we grow older. They particularly love to accumulate around the delicate eye area. While fine lines are a natural and expected part of the ageing process, their progression can certainly be slowed and their appearance minimised. Here are our top tips for combating fine lines:

A hard-working eye cream is essential in the treatment of fine lines. Look for one that contains antioxidants and rejuvenating anti-ageing ingredients like sea buckthorn, as well as hydrating oils like jojoba. Try Madara Time Miracle Smoothing Eye Cream:


Keeping your skin’s hydrations levels up is also imperative when it comes to combating fine lines. Make sure you drink plenty of water to help plump skin up from the inside out, and complement this with a deeply moisturising face cream or eye gel that’s enriched with rosehip oil and vitamin E. Try Mukti Rosehip Eye Gel: 


Help diminish the appearance of fine lines with a hydrating foundation. Opt for a makeup base that has a moisturising and dewy finish as opposed to a dryer, matte texture. This will ensure any fine lines are disguised rather then emphasises, and also keeps your face feeling moisturised throughout the day. We love Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation:



Despite what you may have heard, pores don’t actually open or close. They can appear more ‘open’ however if you have naturally larger pores, or if you are prone to skin congestion, which can cause the pores to stretch and enlarge. Here's how we suggest you shrink those pesky pores:

To help minimise the appearance of large pores, regular exfoliation two to three times a week is essential. This has a dual effect; firstly it removes dead skin cells, which can lead to further skin congestion and breakouts, and it also helps to loosen up any comedones and pore blockages to help reduce pore stretching. Try Black Chicken Complexion Polish:

The use of a facial toner is an oft-forgotten step in an effective skincare routine. Toning helps to remove makeup, dirt, oil and product left behind after cleansing, which in turn reduces skin congestion and pore blockages. A refining toner has the added benefit of improving your skin’s natural exfoliation process. Try La Mav Purifying Toner:


Using a clay mask once a week is a great way to deeply cleanse the pores and help clear up congestion. Clay helps to draw out impurities in the skin, and is extremely effective at reducing blackheads which often go hand in hand with enlarged pores. Try May Lindstrom's The Problem Solver:



While most women wave goodbye to acne and blemishes when they leave their teenage years behind, more and more of us struggle with hormonal changes and imbalances that can cause acne to persist well into our twenties, thirties - even our forties. Here's how you can tackle those spots of bother:

One of the contributing factors to acne is irregular cell turnover, which can be helped through regular exfoliation. Granular scrubs that use beads or ground apricot kernel can often be too harsh on already inflamed acneic skin, so instead try a liquid or cream exfoliant that uses natural acids like lactic acid to help regulate cell turnover. Try The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner:


Help your skin blast pesky pimples into oblivion with a fast-acting spot treatment. Applied directly on top of blemishes, a spot treatment will usually contain actives (such as salicylic acid, which can be derived naturally from Willow Bark) that help to unclog the pores, reduce bacteria, and lessen inflammation. Try Acure Acne Spot Treatment:


A clay mask or mud mask will help to clarify the skin and can reduce congestion with continued use. These masks are fantastic for acne-prone skin as they draw out and absorb excess oil an impurities, which can contribute to breakouts. They also help to soothe the skin and reduce the duration and severity of inflammation, meaning your zits will heal faster. We love Madara’s Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask:


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By Lauren Dunne


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