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nūdus are an certified organic, luxury lipstick line known for their sophisticated and healthy, all-natural, food grade lippies with superior colour pigment and wear. Having recently introduced 5 beautiful new shades to their range (and since lips are a Valentine's Day symbol of love!) we felt it was the perfect time to get some makeup inspo and catch up with brand founder herself, Diana Goltsman Saltoun.

Nudus Lipsticks

Models wearing from left to right: ZoZo and Ruby Rose

“nūdus is a symbol of opportunity and a reminder that anything is possible when you follow your passion. Several years ago, before nūdus even existed, I had a vision of becoming the first woman to create a lipstick that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals,” says Diana... “I eventually achieved my goal producing what I believe is the most highly certified organic quality lipstick in the world, made right here in my home country of Australia.”

In fact, she has more surpassed her achievement, creating a  ‘Lip Euphoria’ with her luxe lippies, created from a special mix of ancient Ayurvedic pure bioactive colour extracts from flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals. Ayurveda means ‘ life-wisdom,’ and is believed to be one the oldest healing systems originating from India over 5,000 years ago.

nūdus' clean and pure formula is proven by the fact that they were the very first company in Australia to have the COSMOS Organic certification for their lipsticks, certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The ACO is the most recognised certification body in the whole of Australia and throughout the world. They have a very stringent process in place in order to certify a brand; the ingredients must all be of the purest, certified organic quality.

As for the new shades, Diana says, “I draw inspiration from a diverse range of beautiful objects including art, culture, designs and natural elements. Every nūdus lipstick contains it’s own individual experience that every women can relate to.”

The five new shades are:

Amalia –  a subtle pink sheer wash of colour.

Dreamtime – inspired by our beautiful Australian outback and a celebration of our Aboriginal heritage. It is a natural, earthy red.

Zo Zo – a fun bright purple pop of colour. It's the showstopper of the new colours!

Ruby Rose – a very wearable pink/red. Perfect for day or night. Suits everyone!

Viva – the perfect shade of soft, natural pink; a must-have go to everyday lip colour.

When it comes to Diana’s personal favourites, well: “That depends on the mood, however, my two favourites right now are Dreamtime and Amalia because of what they represent to me. Dreamtime is inspired by the great Australian outback and combines our own indigenous culture; Amalia is a soft, delicate and sophisticated shade dedicated to my mother and named after her.”

Nudus Lipsticks

Models wearing from left to right: Amalia and Dreamtime

Nevertheless, it is 27 Kisses which is the brand's most popular shade to date, from the original line; this is because it’s one of the most versatile and universal shades and looks gorgeous on everyone.

Other Aussie brands nūdus love, are Inika, Vanessa Megan and La Mav. INIKA is in fact worn by the models in the nūdus campaign shots (above), created by Sydney-based eco makeup artist Cathy Tolpigin. Diana gives these Aussie brands her personal high-quality seal of approval, using them herself for their high-performance and beautiful ingredients.

Finally, we asked Diana what she thinks makes someone beautiful, and she believes that above all, having “positive energy” does, “for it radiates confidence and beauty from within”. It is so fitting that one her vibrant lipstick shades, accompanied with a smile, are sure to give any woman a confidence boost, especially knowing the formula is made with love; healthy, kind and cruelty-free. 


By Nina Weston


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