Product Spotlight: La Mav BB Creme


From time-to-time, we like to highlight the benefits of our bestselling products, and BB Creme is, by nature, an overachieving multi-tasker. La Mav Organic BB Creme, in particular, has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and was the very first certified organic BB Creme ever to be launch! It has many devoted customers here at Beautiful Because, and beauty bloggers, TV presenters and social media influencers have been sharing their love for this multi-purpose beauty product too.

Not only it has skin-correcting properties of standard foundation formulas but is a high potency moisturiser infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and nourishing oils that help restore skin balance and natural radiance. Discover why else this product is a standout super star:

Bio-Active Ingredients

This product takes natural makeup to a new level with scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients that help to stimulate cellular turnover, maintain skin elasticity, strengthen capillaries and protect against free-radical damage. Australia’s first certified organic BB Creme formulated with the most advanced bio-active natural ingredients in potent doses. The cream infused with Rosehip oil, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Coenzyme Q10 boosts collagen synthesis, improves skin’s clarity, maintains moisture levels stable, and protects skin cells from oxidative stress.

Buildable Coverage & Flawless Finish

The BB Creme formulated to provide the best coverage that helps the skin look perfectly smooth. La Mav offers light and medium shades that effortlessly adapt to almost every skin tone/undertone. The product has a beautiful semi-matte finish. For more glowing/dewy finish we recommend mixing the cream with a few drops of one of the La Mav facial oils.

Natural Sunscreen

The BB Creme has SPF of 11-12, even though it hasn’t officially been rated as a sunscreen. That makes it perfect for everyday use. The product is formulated with 100% pure natural minerals and provides a physical barrier that blocks the harmful UV rays protecting the skin from premature ageing. Last but not least, the minerals used in the formulation of the BB Creme are non-nano sized. Therefore, they do not present any risks either for your health or the environment.

“We have perfected the formulation of our famous BB Creme by making it a light texture, easy to apply and match the skin tone. The BB Creme seamlessly conceals the skin imperfections, while enhancing the natural glow. When you use this certified organic face product, you give your skin the best possible care throughout the day,” says Dr Tarj Mavi, founder of La Mav.

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