Just Ask Arjun: Spring Picks


When it comes to skincare, I’ve always believed in the power of buying less by buying better. Not only is this approach more eco-friendly, but it also saves you money in the long term because all the products you own will make a real difference to your skin. You won’t be left with a hundred products that don’t work for your skin, just a handful you really enjoy using! 

Here’s my minimalist spring routine with my top picks from Beautiful Because. These products will suit most skin types and leave it soft, glowing and summer-ready.


May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt + The Honey Mud. Both these cleansers can be used on their own, but I prefer mixing them together to create the most effective and heavenly-smelling skin treat. I mix these together in a teaspoon of water, and apply it on damp skin before I hit the shower. It leaves skin smooth and radiant!


A good hydrating mist in an absolute must for spring. It will make sure that your skin doesn’t get dehydrated, and leaves it soft and supple. One of my favourite picks for spring is Hydrating Accelerator, the cult-favourite from Josh Rosebrook. It smells divine and delivers the perfect amount of hydration to the skin.

Treat & Nourish

Vintner’s Daughter is undoubtedly the most buzzed-about serum in the green beauty world, and for a good reason! Created by uber-talented winery-owner April Gargiulo, and natural skin care veterans, it contains active botanicals that correct imperfections and address signs of ageing. I apply six drops of the serum on my skin every night using their unique ‘push/press’ method, and I wake up with the most even-toned skin. This is one of the only products that is actually worth its hefty price tag, and I highly recommend it. Your skin will thank you for it.

With thanks to eco luxe beauty blogger, Arjun Sudhir of JustAskArjun.com.


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