Madara Tinting Fluids: Your Skin, But Better


Having been one of the first stockists of Madara Organic Skincare in Australia, we have long seen the beauty benefits of this unique Latvian brand. With formidable formulas, super cool packaging and cute trial size products it’s ideal for those new to natural beauty! You wouldn’t necessarily realise its seamless cream formulas so easily absorbed are made from 100% natural Northern European plant extracts and oils that have been clinically proven for deeper than skin benefits.

One of our favourite products from the range is the Tinting Fluid. It really is an exceptional, must-have beauty staple for anyone wanting a natural look with skincare benefits from their tinted moisturiser, or a lighter alternative to foundation. Ideal for every day and the “barely there” “your skin but better” “no makeup look” it comes in two gorgeous shades for cool and warm skin tones, and perfects and evens your skin from there.

Made from mineral pigments and nourishing ingredients including Northern Rosehip, Calendula and Chamomile extracts, it hydrates and illuminates skin for stunning healthy and fresh radiance. It also helps mask imperfections and fines lines, improving skin tones for an overall even finish. With a low SPF due to titanium dioxide, it does offer some protection from the sun in winter, but you would need an extra SPF in summer. So are you a Sunflower or a Moonflower? Here we summarise the two fluids to help you find your perfect match.

Sunflower Tinting Fluid

Sunflowers are gold and warm in skin tone or taste. Think beautiful evening sunsets with golden hues, sunny autumn or sizzling summer days. Your skin is warm – yellow based with greener veins. Ideal for light to medium skin tones.

Moonflower Tinting Fluid

Moonflowers are rose gold and cool in skin tone or taste. Think pink sunrises, crisp spring or icy winter days. Your skin is cool – pink based with blue veins. Ideal for fair to light skin tones.

If you have a neutral skin tone, you are fortunate enough that either shade will suit you! Some of our customers also prefer to use the Moonflower in winter and Sunflower in summer, to reflect their mood, skin’s hue and season.

Sounds too good to be true!? Trial a Tinting Fluid today. We usually have them available in our Tier 1 Free Samples or you can always purchase the great value Mini travel size. From time to time, we offer them as a Gift With Purchase. 

Visit our Madara Organic Skincare shop page to discover what other beautiful products this brand have to offer.

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By Nina Weston


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