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We chat with the beautiful Elle Macpherson about her secret to health, wellbeing and maintaining a super body – WelleCo, her range of alkalising whole food supplements, which we are delighted to be stocking at Beautiful Because. Discover more about the unique formulations and what makes them so effective, for every body.

Elle Macpherson

Q. When did you first become interested in organic beauty and health?

I was in my late 40’s, despite living what I believed to be a healthy lifestyle complete with an array of synthetic supplements, I still felt like I could feel better in my day-to-day. After learning about body acidity and alkalinity from my nutritional doctor, Dr Simone Laubscher, I shifted my focus to feeling well and balanced and this involved taking a holistic approach which included whole food nutrition, better sleep, mindfulness and listening to my body.

As Dr Simone put it, my body was “working overtime, all the time,” leaving me feeling exhausted. She told me to get rid of all the synthetic supplements I was taking and replaced it with whole food supplements and a resolve to adopt a mainly alkaline diet… basically a plant based lifestyle.  At first, I wasn’t expecting such small changes to have a big impact. Simply by being mindful of my body’s alkalinity, I transformed the way I felt. I had more energy, and I felt healthier. It made me realise what a profound impact food can have on the way I feel.

Q. When did you first have the idea to create a range of inner beauty supplements?

I founded WelleCo along with my Australian business partner Andrea Bux in 2014. We wanted to start a premium wellness company based around the life-changing alkalising supplements I was prescribed by Dr. Laubscher. We wanted to share these bio-live organic plant-based supplements that had become part of our everyday lives and were so transformative.

Q. What was the first WelleCo product you created?

Our first product was an all-natural and wholefood daily multivitamin mineral supplement, The Super Elixir Alkalising Formula. There is nothing quite like The Super Elixir on the market today. Many supplement products are manufactured, processed and synthetic. Ours is an alkalising, vegan, all-in-one vitamin and mineral supplement full of bio-live nutrients from organic wholefoods. It’s high quality, clean, pure and from Australia.

It took years of testing and perfecting the unique formula - 45 premium whole food ingredients have been added in scientifically calculated ratios and are designed to work together to support all 11 systems of the body (including the endocrine system which is your skin, hair and nails) and create an alkaline state. The Alkalising Formula was followed by a plant-based Nourishing Protein and Sleep Welle Calming Tea.

Later in 2017 we are launching a carefully considered curation of natural family friendly products like a healthy deodorant, all-natural toothpaste, moisturising cream and green tea body scrub. All aimed around limiting the toxins we are exposed to daily. Our mission when we began was simple: ‘create the things you wish existed’. That’s what we have done at WelleCo from the start. We are aiming to create the world’s premier wellness company, one destination, to help make your everyday life healthier and easier.

Q. You believe that beauty begins from within – how do you incorporate WelleCo into your own every day life?

I always start my wellness-beauty routine with two teaspoons of The Super Elixir Akalising Formula every morning in cold spring water. Since taking our Alkalising Formula I noticed my skin became dewy, looked plumper and had a glow. My sugar cravings subsided as my blood sugar levels became more balanced. My digestion improved. I lost weight. I felt more upbeat and emotionally balanced. The supplement helps to keep me feeling like my body is getting the nutrients it needs to take on the day effectively. I don’t have to take anything else as it is complete with vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics. I know if I nourish my cells from the inside it will show on the outside.

Q. In addition to creating your own products and running a business, you're a supermodel - how do you find the time and energy to manage it all?

I believe it’s all about balance. I do my best to stick to my morning ritual of meditation and introspection wherever I am; it helps set the tone for the day and the routine is reassuring - I also love starting my day with some outdoor activity - hiking, boxing, water skiing, swimming, running… I try to enjoy my surroundings wherever I am in the world. This combined with good nutrition and a good nights sleep (I aim for 7-8 hours) helps me on all levels. I find if I begin my day well, I am better equipped to handle anything.

Q. How does WelleCo benefit skin health?

The best way to keep your skin looking radiant, youthful and blemish free at any age is to nourish your body with nutrients at a cellular level with a wholefood and predominantly plant based diet. That’s part of the reason we created The Super Elixir Alkalising Formula – it’s a way to fast track to good health and glowing skin.

Q. A healthy diet plays a big part in your life, how do you maintain this while travelling?

What I try to do everyday is live a balanced lifestyle, eat a healthy amount of nutritious foods, and stay active whenever I can. At 53, I am happier than I ever have been - and I have a sense of fulfilment.

Q. What is your favourite way to unwind/de-stress?

I discovered Strala yoga last year, it’s about natural movement and your body being in the right place for you at that time: connecting breath and body. I practice mindfulness and meditation daily at 5am before the rest of the house wakes.

A new priority of mine is to get my 7 hours of sleep a night – it restores the body, allows antioxidants to counter free radicals and means I am at my optimum every day. I have our Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea every night as part of my bedtime ritual. Starting and ending the day calmly works well for me, it’s all about balance.

Q. What is your top natural beauty tip?

Lots of water and lots of laughter, both are natural and readily available!

Q. What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

A woman who believes in herself and appreciates the love around her is beautiful.

Not to be dependent on what others think is beautiful, create your own beauty, something grounded and authentic.

If ageing has taught me one thing it’s confidence. I used to believe I wasn’t good enough, I know now that I am always working on being the best person I can be physically, emotionally and mentally.

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