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One of our favourite Australian brands, INDAH has been stripped bare and relaunched – INDAH With TLC – featuring just 6 beautiful, key products made for busy and active people. Each created with pure native ingredients that make life a little healthier and easier. We chat to founder and creator, Teisha Lowry to find out more about her new range and beauty inspo.

Teisha Lowry

What initially inspired INDAH?

I founded INDAH by accident when holidaying in Bali, trying to heal a broken heart. I had heard of this medicine man from Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love and I was desperate to find him, but nobody had heard of him as the book was relatively unheard of at that point. I asked a local to take me around to see if we could find him, but no luck. Fortunately, we stumbled across a Balinese woman who was a herbalist and healer, and she took me. I think she could see the pain in my eyes, and she taught me how to make ginger oil and lemongrass oil. It was an amazing experience. She asked me to take this all back to Australia as she knew this was my path and I should discover it and make my own. So I did. INDAH grew from there and turned into this Australian cult product.

Your career background:

My modelling career spans over 20 years, and I cannot believe I have been doing it for that long. I don't call myself a model, I just work on the rare occasion with some incredible brands and people. I love being in front of the camera, and I feel very comfortable in my skin. I now act, and that is on a whole other level and LOVE that! I use to be a dancer, and I loved performing and since I went through a life tragedy over four years ago, I just do all the things I love, and that's one of them.

Teisha Lowry

Why do you believe in 100% natural products?

I could be here for a while, so I will try and be short and sweet. I guess it all stems from growing up in the country where we didn't have the luxuries of fancy products and things. Mum just put coconut oil or olive on our skin and hair, and I now endorse it. I always have. I don't believe in fad products because they are doing more harm to the body and our environment than ever before. Even though natural and organic skincare are not made equally, most of the brands that call themselves natural and or organic aren't and that's very disappointing, but I guess I'm very militant when it comes to that stuff. I prefer to take the hypocrisy out of it, and people don't need more stuff and more products for skin problems they don't have. It's all too complicated.

Your favourite natural ingredients:

Well as most people would guess, coconut oil is my fav and always will be. I adore native ingredients from Australia, mainly the founded essential oil - Fragonia. It is part of the tea-tree family, but it's sweeter. It's a beautiful skin soother and is now the hero ingredient to my Active Recovery Oil because it does just that. Recovers the skin from toxins.

You recently rebranded INDAH, tell us more:

We had the current range for some time, and I was thinking to myself I need to start this again, I want to start from scratch. And I did. We stripped everything back, and I mean everything. From how we run the business; how it's structured to the ingredients, the products, the packaging and the people involved. We now make it in-house, it's not certified organic anymore (I will touch on why later), it doesn't have any extra fancy packaging, and we hardly use any marketing materials. It now has minimal ingredients that really work and the range contains products that are useful for everyday life.

Indah With TLC range

Your daily skin care routine:

Cold water every morning - yup, I get ice if it's not cold enough. I shock the puffiness right out of me. I massage (that is the key to youth, not gimmicky products) my face using my recovery oil. Apply very minimal makeup, if any. I brighten up my cheeks with both my lip and cheek tints, and I have set in my bag for touching up during the day. My Active Spray acts as not only my natural deodorant, but also my perfume, so I spray that all over me and I reapply when I need freshening up. At the end of the day, I take a long shower and wash my face, neck and chest with my Charcoal Sponge. This little sponge is the bomb; it gently buffs my skin and eliminates makeup and grime. And then I smother my skin in coconut oil. I have an endless supply.

Your #1 can't-live-without INDAH product:

That's really hard to say because I can't live without any of them. I do love the lip and cheek tints, and maybe that's because they're multi-purpose and the look and feel so good.

Other natural brands you use:

I don't use that many, to be honest, because they make themselves look good but don't focus on what they're putting in the products. The only other products I use are makeup and hair care, and these two categories are very hard to find to be pure. But, I have just discovered the Lily Lolo range from Beautiful Because, they make the best black mascara and the best thing is that the majority of the range is vegan.

Your favourite way to keep well:

I do some form of exercise every day; there is no excuse not to as I have my studio! I write a lot; I vent my frustrations and worries in a book, and I feel much better once I've done this. I also like to write down my achievements and things that I am grateful for so I can look back at the end of a busy week, and this just helps me realise how much I am making a difference. Juggling three businesses is sometimes very stressful, so we like to head down the coast or to the country and unwind. If we can't get away, I like to get a massage from our therapist at TR (Total Reformation), or I get acupuncture or an adjustment from my Chiropractor. Little things like that add up, and helps bring my body back into balance.

A typical day on your plate looks like:

It all depends on the season and what state my body is in. I always eat according to my Metabolic Type, and I do my very best to eat organic and local produce. At the moment, because it's winter, I love homemade bone broth for breakfast. I usually prepare veggies, chicken, rice or throw in any leftovers the night before so I'm not rushing to get out the door in the morning. Most of the time, because the studio and INDAH are close to home, we head home for lunch and cook up something scrumptious, like soup or coconut chicken. I rarely snack, but if I need to, I usually have a coconut hot chocolate or some cheese. Dinner is mostly slow-cooked meals like lamb shanks or roast chicken. We have to be very organised with our food because I can't eat out a lot as my tummy is so sensitive, and if we do it's usually Thai or Japanese.

The Beautiful Way

What's next for INDAH?

My book is first, yes I have written a book! It has been in the making for the last few years, so finally that is out. It's called The Beautiful Way, and it's very simple really. It talks about my troubles to overcome adversity, my unhealthy life and how I transformed it. It follows four pathways and finishes with a few movement programs. It has an excellent DIY skincare section, and I'm super excited to share that with everybody.

Next, we are re-launching our coconut oil in environmentally friendly packaging. I can't wait for this and neither can our customers. It is seriously the best coconut oil, and it is hand-pressed, in the volcanic hills of Bali, Indonesia, and there's hardly anybody in the world who can do that!

What do you think makes someone beautiful?

I don't see looks – and I work with it all the time, when I see somebody being themselves, being their true self - their genuine nature. That is beautiful.

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