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INDAH and Beautiful Because have teamed up to create a beautiful limited edition perfume balm that you will not only love, but which supports a cause close to our hearts – BOS Indonesia (Borneo Orangutan Survival) – a charity working tirelessly to help bring the endangered orangutan species back from the blink of extinction and on the path to freedom. 

Indah Rose Noir Perfume Balm

Palm oil farming costs our planet dearly. It is not only affecting the African and South American rainforests, but closer to home, in the last 20 years, over 3.5 million hectares of Indonesian and Malaysian forests have been destroyed to make way for palm oil. Not only does this cause huge deforestation in many of the world’s most beautiful and ancient rainforests, that simply cannot be regrown, but also makes so many animal homeless, injured and killed – in particular orangutans – but many other animals too including tigers, elephants and rhinoceros. One place close to home is the Sumatran rainforest in Indonesia.

It seems palm oil use is inescapable right now, hidden in so many products. It's frustrating that some brands* still use it, when there are other alternatives available. It's not just in cosmetics but everything: food, household and personal care items too. Together with INDAH, we at Beautiful Because hope to help raise awareness about the orangutans plight, with $5 from each perfume sale being donated to BOS Indonesia.

One thing we can all do is start checking the ingredients of the items we buy, and look for palm oil free alternatives. If the demand diminishes, so will the deforestation. We cannot undo the damage that's already been done, but we can certainly try to influence a brighter future, by the choices we make, for the generations to come.


Lovingly handcrafted by Teisha Lowry, the INDAH x Beautiful Because Rose Noir Perfume Balm & Crystal features Turkish Rose & Peru Balsam for a rich, rosey, sugary and exotic scent. The unique and precious perfume's scent is obtained from the rose blossoms of Turkey. Hand-picked in the misted mornings during Spring, while dancing with the with the balsam of Peru, enveloping deep feelings of love.

Speaking of love, an added bonus of each perfume balm is that it comes with a unique surprise crystal! Amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and more, for a little boost of love and light and earthly grounding.

Crystal gemstones

Founder Teisha Lowry is an ambassador for Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia (BOSA) and tries to raise awareness about the cause as much as possible through her work. She said of our perfume collaboration:

"I used to make solid perfume balms for INDAH a few years ago, and they were such a hit. I thought people didn’t mind that I wanted to relaunch the brand without them, but I've realised they miss them! It took me some time to figure out the perfect way to bring them back. I wanted to make something extra special, and something that made a difference. I have the opportunity as ambassador for BOSA to bring awareness to their projects for protecting the critically endangered orangutan species. I reached out to Nina from Beautiful Because, as we stand on similar ground when it comes to the beauty industry and the impact it has on our environment, and our brands are all things 'beautiful'.

"Nina has such a great customer base through Beautiful Because, and so is able to reach people’s homes and hearts even more than I can, so I couldn’t be more thrilled that she agreed to collaborate on this project. It takes a lot of time to come up with a unique perfume blend. I wanted to create something that represented INDAH, Beautiful Because and the orangutans. First of all, and most importantly, all of my products are Palm Oil free and certified with POI. It is such a sad thing what is going on in this world, hence the darkness of the perfume 'Noir'.

Teisha Lowry

"At the time of creation I kept seeing these huge roses, everywhere I’d go along my travels, I’d always see at least a rose a day, so I started doing some research and found that Rose is a recurring motif in the mysticism of Turkey, and that’s when I stumbled across a supplier for Turkish Rose oil. It was meant to be! Because we’ve launched in time for Christmas, I made it really sweet like Turkish Delight. To make the perfume even more special, I’ve placed a single crystal gemstone on top of each balm, so when the wearer rubs their finger on it, they’re connecting their energy not only to the pure essential oils but also the healing vibrations from their crystal stone."

Our founder Nina Weston says, "Beautiful Because are honoured to partner with INDAH for a cause both brands care strongly about. Teisha's passion and knowledge about the deforestation and orangutan's desperate situation in Indonesia, has really inspired me to try and do better in my own life and business choices, when it comes to environmental impact.

"Beautiful Because and INDAH have long been aligned in our natural beauty values and tastes. I've always enjoyed using INDAH's gorgeous perfume balms, so couldn't have been more delighted when Teisha said she was bringing them back, with the opportunity to work on a special one together for our own customers (and the orangutans!). Please help us make a small, but important difference today, by purchasing this beautiful balm. I know you'll love the sweet and seductive scent that is Rose Noir, as much as I do!"

* A couple of products we stock at Beautiful Because still contain Fair Trade, green, sustainably grown and harvested palm oil (from South America and Africa). However, we are seeking alternatives, and plan to become a 100% palm oil free store in 2018.


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