How To: Natural Correctors & Concealers


Whether you are hot with using foundation or not, correctors and concealers are an extra beauty tool you can add to your makeup routine to even your skin tone for an instant perfected complexion. With so much choice at Beautiful Because for different budgets, concerns and preferences, knowing which corrector or concealer is best for you can be the tricky part, discover our guide to correcting and concealing for your most flawless finish yet.

Lily Lolo Pressed Correctors


A makeup artist’s secret weapon, but you don’t have to be a pro to reap the beauty benefits of these – natural colour correctors are an instant way to neutralise unwanted or uneven tones in the skin such as redness from rosacea, or a flush complexion, dark circles or pigmentation. They can also be used to brighten dull skin or improve sallow skin tones.


Recommended Correctors for different concerns:

Best for: Skin discolouration, younger skin types, oily or combination skin types and use with a powder foundation. 

Lily Lolo Pressed Powder Correctors – available in two shades: Pistachio (green-hued) for redness, rosacea, blemishes and acne; and Lemon Drop (yellow-hued) for concealing Dark Circles, pigmentation and for a brighter look.


Best for: Skin discolouration, normal to mature skin types, dry skin types and use with a creme foundation. 

Au Naturale Correctors – available in five shades to counter under eye circles, blemishes and other skin quirks, depending on the shade: Linen, Peach, Flax, Sweet Basil and Lavender. 


Best for: Anti-ageing, scarring, lines and wrinkles, as well as skin discolouration and for use with a liquid foundation. 

Vapour Soft Focus Stratus Instant Skin Perfector – available in three shades for all skin tones and colour-correcting concerns.

It is a 3-in-1 wonder product: moisturiser, primer and no-colour foundation in one, to correct skin's appearance. It can be worn alone or under your foundation and gives skin a flawless finish and antioxidant fix, with its super blend of nourishing organic ingredients.


While correctors work hard to improve skin tone and are used prior to foundation, natural concealers conceal imperfections on the surface of the skin for extra coverage and protection, and can be applied before or after foundation. They are used mainly to conceal dark circles or blemishes. For those with deeper skin discolourations, scars or imperfections, a concealer may be used in addition to a corrector to provide extra coverage and a longer lasting finish.


Most of our natural foundation brands have a concealer that works synergistically with their foundation, having been created with similar ingredients for a better texture and finish.

However, we would recommend the following for specific concerns:

Best for: Dark Circles & Skin Brightening

INIKA Liquid Concealer is a lightweight concealer ideal for camouflaging imperfections, in particular dark circles to create a flawless base. With the benefits of natural minerals, light-reflecting properties help reduce the appearance of fine lines in the delicate eye area too. Rich in certified organic ingredients, including Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Green Tea, skin is left soft and hydrated and it's also ideal for sensitive skin.


Best for: Blemishes, Acne & Rosacea

For those prone to blemishes and acne, a spot-on concealer to be applied directly to the problem area, prior to foundation is best.  We highly recommend Au Naturale Creme Concealer. The Ere Perez and Vapour Creme Concealers are also brilliant options if you have a brand preference.



Best for: Skin discolouration

If you need something in addition to your corrector, to be worn over foundation for any areas of discolouration that can still be seen, the Lily Lolo Mineral Powder Concealer is ideal for extra colour coverage to diffuse light in all the right places.


Best for: Highlighting - see our beautiful selection of natural highlighters. The Ere Perez Arnica Concealer in Latte is also great for this.

By Nina Weston


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