Pro Tips: How To Master Anti-Ageing Makeup


Time is of the essence these days. We all seem to be rushing here, racing there, delivering kids everywhere and, quite frankly, 5 minutes in front of the mirror feels like a luxury. I get it. I’m a busy working mother with two rambunctious boys. I’m over 40. I’m totally loving the skin I’m in, and yes, I still want to feel visible – I want to enter the world at large feeling great about myself. As a professional makeup artist with over 13 years experience, I’ve collected a bucket load of tips. Here are my top 6 for achieving youthful radiance and feeling fabulous into your forties and beyond.

Anti-ageing makeup

PHOTOGRAPHY - John Rintoul; MODEL - Anna-Maria Boelskov, Women's health specialist, clinical nutritionist, herbalist and birth doula; HAIR - Sue Carroll (using Rahua); MAKEUP - Amanda Ramsay.


Here it is ladies, you may not want to hear this but in my experience, women over the age of 40 tend to look best wearing a luminous, dewy tint. Whether it’s a tinted moisturiser, BB cream, or full coverage foundation – whatever floats your boat – it will quickly even your skin tone.  Before applying any foundation, prep skin with organic face oil. I’m obsessed with the Vanessa Megan Natures Elixir (NEO) Face Oil, it’s literally a multi-vitamin shot for the skin that instantly brings a healthy glow to your beautiful face.


Move away from mattifying foundations and embrace luminosity. Once we hit 30 our remarkable bodies stop producing collagen – that gorgeous deliciousness that helps to “plump” skin at a cellular level. Skin begins to lose radiance and fine lines appear. A foundation with a subtle dewy finish does wonders for perking up tired skin. Here are my picks:


Let’s get a something straight here. A cream concealer won’t hide your wrinkles; in fact it just makes them more pronounced. Avoid using cream concealers around the eye area (particularly where fine lines form).

The most amazing product for plumping wrinkles around the eye area is the Vanessa Megan Advanced Organic Skincare Triple Action Eyelift Serum. Game changer. It works instantly and feeds your delicate skin. I have so much love for this product!


To cover any blemishes or broken capillaries choose a peachy yellow based cream concealer and dab it sparingly over the spot. Blend gently. The yellow base will counteract any redness.


A pop of colour on your cheeks will freshen your face, fast. If your skin is becoming a little more saggy, getting your blush in the right spot will instantly give skin a pick me-up for youthful radiance. And if you’re struggling with rosacea, or navigating your way through the Big M, just work with the redness. Don’t fight it!


The trick is… don’t smile! When you dab blush on the fleshy bits aka apples of your cheeks while smiling, guess what happens when you’re no longer smiling? The blush sits too low – and drags your face further south. So without smiling, press and blend a little cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks, and diffuse out higher towards your cheekbones.

I like cream blush as it blends beautifully to become a part of your skin. It’s quick and easy. No need for a brush, fingers are perfect.


Now is the time to enter the world of an eyelash curler. I know they look terrifying but they are the fastest way to really open up your eyes. Place the lash curler over the lashes and gently ‘pump’ the curler several times (don’t clamp hard and hold, as this will create a “kink” in the lash). It does take a little practice, be gentle and once you get the hang of it, let’s just say WOW. Load up your lashes with natural black mascara – slick on 2 – 3 coats concentrating on the outer corners.


It really is time to put the shimmery eye shadows away and move to matte. I know, I found this very challenging too. But here’s why. Shimmery reflective particles sit in the crinkles and actually accentuate wrinkles.

Sweep a soft matte eye shadow all over your eyelid.

If moving away from shimmer gives you heart palpitations… place a little champagne coloured shimmery shadow just on the inner corner of your eye. Boom. Cheating 8 hours of sleep with that one little trick!


If you’re eyes are small don’t line them all the way across, for wider eyed beauty. If you do like to line your upper eyelid, concentrate the liner in the outer corners of your eyes, and then create a very fine line from the middle of your eye, in towards your tear duct.

Use a mid-dark shadow, such as chocolate brown or plummy purple. Start next to the tear duct, blend the shadow softly along your lower lash line and extend ever so slightly beyond the upper lash line.

Using the soft line you’ve created under the lower lashes as your guide (don’t extend beyond this line), grab a soft kohl eyeliner (or the same dark eye shadow), push the colour into your upper lash bed, concentrate on the outer corner and work towards the middle of your eye. Blend the line outwards and soften any edges.

If you like to line your upper eyelid, create a very fine line from the middle of your eye, in towards your tear duct. If you’re eyes are small don’t line them all the way across, for wider eyed beauty.


Another joy of ageing is magically disappearing eyebrows. Define them, thank me later!


Softly define your brows using a brow powder that’s a little darker than your hair colour (blondes go a couple shades darker). Pencils are tricky in a hurry; we aren’t “drawing” eyebrows on. Just fill in the gaps. I find a powder and pomade combo more natural.


Hydrate. Banish dry, sunken lips. Something as simple as a nourishing lip balm – like Vanessa Megan Lip Balm - will literally feed and plump your lips.

Create maximum impact in limited time with a bold red lip – you just instantly look more polished.


As we age, the outer corners of our mouth tend to droop and turn down. Colour on the inner corners of your mouth, visibly “drags” your lips further downwards. To combat this, stop your liner/lipstick before you reach those inner corners. It works wonders!

For a quick, polished look that makes you feel amazing about yourself, go for a glowing foundation, pink cheeks, defined brows, lashings of mascara and a bold lip. Off you go. Move mountains. Have fun! Love Amanda xxx

Amanda Ramsay Makeup Artist

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