How To Be A Bronzed Goddess This Summer


As the weather heats up and we strip off layers of clothing to prepare for fun in the sun, it can all feel a little confronting if our skin’s looking lily white and washed out. Luckily we were able to chat to Sonya Driver, founder of one of our favourite natural and toxin-free tanning brands, Eco Tan, who guides us through becoming a bronzed goddess this summer step by step.

Step One – Exfoliate

Preparation is vital to achieving a perfect bronze glow. “We always recommend exfoliating the skin with our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub and Extreme Exfoliant Glove 24-48 hours prior to application,” says Sonya. “This reveals beautifully fresh, rejuvenated and renewed skin, creating a clean and even canvas for the tan to adhere to.


Step Two – Tan

One to two days after exfoliating, it’s time to tan. “Use our cult favourite Invisible Tan to deliver a stunning, honey and believable bronze glow in just one application,” says Sonya. This particular tan takes a few hours to develop, so we recommend applying it after a shower in the evening. After it dries, you can hop into bed, knowing that you’ll wake up to gorgeous, glowing skin in the morning. If you prefer something that develops a little faster, try Eco Tan’s Cocoa Firming Mousse 1 Hour Self Tan instead.


Step 3 - Moisturise

The next day, you should wake up looking and feeling like a bronzed goddess. “Your colour will continue to gradually develop throughout the day, and come night, you will be looking your absolute glowing best,” says Sonya. “During the day, to hydrate and nourish your skin to help extend that gorgeous bronze tan, use our Coconut Body Milk.” We also recommend Acure Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion With Cocoa Butter & CoQ10.


Step 4 – Extend

To extend the life of your tan for a week or more, a gradual tanning lotion is the way to go. Sonya recommends using Eco Tan Winter Skin, a gradual tanning lotion that gives your skin a hint of colour while hydrating it to the max. “This gradual tanning moisturiser will continue to build on your tan to make sure your skin stays a natural honey bronze all week. With each application of Winter Skin, you will extend the length of your glow.” 

Step 5 – Remove

After about seven to 10 days, your tan will start to fade and will need to be removed. “Our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub and Extreme Exfoliant Glove are once again the winners here,” says Sonya. “Another pro tip is to use oil,” says Sonya. “Oil is fatal for a fake tan. To get ride of a fake tan fast, soak in a warm bath with organic olive or coconut oil and couple this with our Extreme Exfoliant Glove - your tan will be removed instantly!”   


With no harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, PEGs, food colouring, parabens, SD alcohol, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, or phyenoxyethanol, Eco Tan is the perfect choice this summer. Click here to shop the entire Eco Tan range.

By Lauren Dunne


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