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When it comes to makeup, few products are as personal or emotive as the humble tube of lipstick. Different shades can have entirely different meanings; a deep scarlet red can evoke seduction, while a soft pink denotes all things sweet, demure and feminine. A hint of colour on the lips is the perfect pick-me-up when we’re feeling less than glamorous, while swiping on a bold, statement shade of lipstick can completely transform our attitude and demeanour - not to mention how others perceive us.

A woman who understands the true power of lipstick is Ericka Rodriguez, founder of the enormously popular and ethical lipstick brand, Axiology Beauty. “Lipstick allows individuality and personalisation more then any other beauty product…you can match your mood, desires and feelings to the lipstick you choose to wear on a particular day,” says Ericka. “Lipstick is so expressive, and colour is communicative in its own right.”

A selection of Axiology's beautiful lipsticks...

Ericka decided to launch her own lip colour line when she became concerned about the potentially toxic ingredients hiding in mainstream beauty products. “I was reading the back of a lipstick box and couldn't pronounce 75% of the ingredients,” Ericka recounts. “I felt sickened and shocked, and decided I should learn how to make my own lipstick with natural ingredients.” This lightbulb moment led to the creation of Axiology, a gorgeous line of natural lipsticks that feature a unique high-shine and ultra-conditioning finish.

Beautiful Because is thrilled to be stocking Ericka’s stunning range of lip colours, not just because the shade range and finish is incredible, but because the Axiology brand closely reflects our committment to natural, ethical, and sustainable beauty. Axiology lipsticks are 100% vegan, and the brand is also 100% cruelty-free. In addition to this, the brand incorporates beautiful organic and non-GMO ingredients like organic coconut oil and avocado butter.

The lipstick colours themselves are some of the most impressive we’ve seen, with incredible shade variety that means every woman will find her perfect match. The brand’s impressive natural product formulas incorporate vibrant and long-lasting pigments for ultra-rich colour, while the texture feels heavenly on the lips thanks to obsessive testing that has resulted in a nourishing ultra-whipped cream with a high-shine finish.

Image via Instagram @Axiology_Beauty

As for Ericka’s personal favourite lipstick shade at the moment? “Vibration. It's our newest shade. It's bold, bright and powerful.” It’s not hard to see why this is Ericka’s lipstick du jour. A gorgeous scarlet wash with a hint of pink, Vibration looks like a sunset glow illuminating a desert rose. Behold this pretty pink shade in all it’s glory:

In addition to being a natural beauty entrepreneur and incredibly clever businesswoman, Ericka is also devoted to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. “I eat lots of veggies, meditate everyday, surround myself with loving and supportive people, and stay close to nature,” says Ericka, who is also staunchly against animal testing and factory farming.

Keen to try Axiology? Here are three universally flattering shades that we highly recommend:


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By Lauren Dunne


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