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Gressa is a brand that delights and surprises women all over the world for its incredible high-performing, pure makeup formulas that really are like wearing a second skin, a healthy veil of non-toxic skin perfecting glamour to bring out the best in you. Beautiful Because are thrilled to be introducing this incredible brand to Australia!

Svetlana Sanchez - Gressa

What makes Gressa luxurious is its formulations. There are no pretty adjectives, no expensive marketing behind the brand. They are unique, they are high-performing and they inspire women to ditch their old habits of skincare and makeup filled with toxic ingredients. They are non-toxically glamorous and they are Beautiful Because they are healthy, kind and exceptional little performers.

“I never intended to have Gressa become what it is today.  In my family and culture a woman is put on a pedestal and is looked upon as magic. When I was completing my degree in health and pre-med I delved into the world of ingredients and learned that there was a huge gap between luxury and purity.  It virtually did not exist. That’s when I started to create my formulas. The rest is history," says founder Svetlana Sanchez, who we were delighted to chat to about her beautiful brand.

Gressa Skin

Her biggest challenge has been convincing people that “this stuff” is good, "even better, than any other stuff on the market".  Taking out the stigma of ‘green’ as being uninteresting and uninspiring from an average consumer was the most difficult thing she came across, and still is. Once people have tried a luxury natural beauty formula like Gressa's they won’t go back, but the challenge can be stepping out of the mainstream consumer bubble and seeing the light that is healthier, purer options without the advertising noise.

Indeed, "a mainstream beauty product is like a high end designer purse that has branding all over it”, agrees Svetlana, “you buy it because you are told you need this product. A natural skincare line, when well-formulated is something so much more. It is alive, it doesn’t harm your skin, health or our environment." It is understated and true. It is real.

A favourite product of ours, and Svetlana’s, is the one Gressa is perhaps best known for, and certainly revered by eco makeup artists all over the globe for, the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation that's simply “transformative now and later. It literally makes skin better when you apply it and later, when you take it off” she says. It’s innovative formula goes on as a silky serum and sets as a natural powder finish. There is a shade for every skin tone and it perfects all skin types and ages with one flawless sweep of goodness.Gressa Skin

We were excited to learn that Svetlana also is a huge fan of Lavanila and Axiology, two other brands we love stocking. “My absolute favourite deodorant that I don’t live without is Lavanila Vanilla Lavender stick.  I am a huge fan of Axiology for their design, beautiful formulas and edge in colour selection.” She supports like-minded, ethical brands that bring an element of luxury to their lines.

A health-conscious being herself, we were intrigued to learn how Svetlana spends her days and can all learn something from this modest beauty, who knows how to keep it real, despite her glamorous and impeccable taste in products! Furthermore, we were surprised to learn that she is actually very low maintenance: "If I were any more low-maintenence I would live in the woods! [Thanks to Lavanila I started wearing deodorant a year ago]. My days are extremely action packed and busy with my daughter, family, business, etc. I am a lover of quality coffee, so that’s an absolute must. I meditate daily, it has also been a huge life-changer for me. Our lives are so busy that moments of quiet solitude must be part of our wellness routine. In general, I take things easy, I enjoy watching life unfold and try not to stress out with the daily tasks.”

But when it comes to living more naturally, she has her weaknesses too, “I have a sweet tooth. A chronic sweet tooth. Last year I decided to cut out sweets and I’ve never looked back. My skin got this glow. I find myself craving healthier, less sweet snacks and my body in general feels the best it ever has. I cannot recommend it enough to everyone. Let the sugar go!” And we can all take something from that fact; that true beauty and healthy skin really do start from within.

Our last questions for Svetlana (for now!) was what do you think makes a woman beautiful, and we just loved her response: “Peace. Inner peace. If a woman is at peace internally, it means she is happy with where she is at today. If things are falling apart on the outside and we manage to keep centred internally there is nothing we cannot endure in this crazy little thing called life.”

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By Nina Weston


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