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Here at Beautiful Because, we’re long time fans of Vanessa Megan’s gorgeous natural and organic product range. From her uplifting natural perfumes to her lush cleansers and cult favourite Nature’s Elixir Oil, there’s a lot to love about this beautiful Australian brand.

This year, Vanessa Megan has taken things to the next level with the launch of their new Active Range, which features a collection of six incredible new skincare products that prove natural, toxin-free skincare can be active and efficacious. "These products take natural skincare to a new level with scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients, hyaluronic acid rich serums that restore youthful clarity and a new system for brightening and protection against the ageing effects of time and everyday life," says founder and director Vanessa Gray Lyndon.

Read on to discover the new wonder products…

Vanessa Megan Cryo Facelift

The hero product of Vanessa Megan’s new Active Range is without a doubt the incredible Cryo Facelift. Featuring eight individual serum infusions encased in small containers which you pop in the freezer prior to use, this unique treatment tightens, tones, brightens and invigorates your skin like nothing you’ve ever tried before thanks to its clever combination of cool temperature and active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, gotu kola extract, quandong, ginseng, green coffee seeds and narcissus tezetta bulb extract. "Not only does it feel amazing, but it also combats puffiness, dehydration and promotes a radiant glow equal to an extra nights sleep," says Vanessa.


Store the serum trays in the freezer to ensure they’re frozen prior to use. When you’re ready to experience the facial treatment, simply take one ice cube tray from the freezer, remove the foil cover and press the frozen serum ice cube out before popping it into the muslin cloth provided. Apply the cooling infusion to your face, neck and décolletage in a circular motion until the ice cube has completely melted, and then massage any remaining product into your skin. Use the treatment once a week for a radiant boost to your skincare regime.

Vanessa Megan Advanced Epi Cell Serum

Created with the scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients like IBR-Dormin, hyaluronic acid, quandong, narcissus tazetta bulb extract and green coffee seeds, Vanessa Megan’s
 Advanced Epi Cell Serum visibly firms and plumps the skin. The active ingredients within this potent serum tighten the appearance of crow’s feet and temporarily shrink under-eye bags and deeper lines as well. To apply, simply place 2 - 8 drops into the palm of your hand and massage over your face and neck.


Vanessa Megan Intensive Organic Night Repair Oil

This rich, nourishing and potent night repair oil features a blend of certified organic oils and skin-loving ingredients including macadamia oil, pumpkin seed oil, shea butter, seabuckthorn and frankincense essential oil and May Chang fruit oil. Packed full of nourishing omega acids and vitamins to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, this rich, luscious oil helps to lift and tighten your skin to slow down the signs of ageing. To apply, simply mix 2 - 8 drops of oil with equal parts water in the palm of your hand and massage into your face and neck. 


Vanessa Megan Prebiotic +C Brightening Exfoliator

This clever exfoliant combines the purest organic ingredients with natural actives derived from yoghurt, grapefruit and rice enzymes to give you a smoother, brighter, more even complexion. You will see and feel the results straight away after using this clever exfoliator, and it’s gentle enough to use as a daily exfoliant or twice-weekly brightening mask.


To use it as a straight exfoliant, mix the powder with a few drops of water in the palm of your hand to make a paste, and then apply to your face and neck (being careful to avoid your lips and eyes) and rub in gentle, circular motions to exfoliate before rinsing thoroughly and patting your face dry. To use it as a mask, simply repeat the same process previously outlined, but allow the powder to completely dry on your face directly after applying the paste. Once dry, wet with water and exfoliate your face in gentle circular motions before rinsing off.

Vanessa Megan Two Phase Vitamin C Brightening System

This concentrated brightening treatment is formulated with some of nature's most potent and effective ingredients to actively assist in brightening your complexion. With a blend of potent vitamin C-enriched natural extracts such as Kakadu Plum, this two-step system boosts your skin’s luminosity and helps to even out your skin tone and reduce discolouration and dark spots with continued use.  


Apply it of a nighttime placing half a spatula of powder in the palm of your hand. Next, add 3 - 6 drops of Vitamin C serum and mix them together before applying to your face and neck area after cleansing. For even better results, use it after rinsing off Vanessa Megan’s Prebiotic + C Brightening Exfoliating Mask. Once the serum has completely absorbed into your skin, apply your nighttime moisturiser over the top.

Vanessa Megan Triple Action Eye Lift Serum

With hydrating hyaluronic acid, vitamin C-rich quandong, bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapple that boosts skin exfoliation), along with skin-brightening bearberry extract, Vanessa Megan’s Triple Action Eye Lift Serum brightens, lifts and firms the delicate area around the eye. This nourishing serum is fantastic for people who struggle with dark circles, and tired or puffy eyes, and can be applied morning and nightly simply by dabbing 2 - 4 drops around the eye socket and patting gently until absorbed.


Click here to discover the entire Vanessa Megan range.

By Lauren Dunne


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