Brand Spotlight: Mukti Organic Skincare


From time to time, it is nice to revisit a brand we love, that perhaps we have been stocking for a long time, and you may have forgotten about, to remind you why they are one of our favourites and meet our strict criteria of being beauty that’s better – without compromise; sophisticated, high-performing, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Mukti is one such Australian brand that has long been top of our list.

Handmade in the pristine hills of Maleny on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Mukti Organic Skincare is a luxurious and efficacious skincare brand that subscribes to three key ideals: sustainability, strong ethics and pure organic ingredients. The brand name (pronounced mook-tee) originates from sanskrit and means freedom and liberation, and in Hinduism also signifies rebirth. This is a concept which is reflected in the products and is also a value that is shared by the brand's founder, Mukti herself. "Every day is a chance to be reborn and to embrace a more holistic lifestyle," says Mukti, who believes that an organic lifestyle applies to what we eat as well as what we put on our skin.

Here at Beautiful Because, we're huge fans of the brand's strict cruelty-free policies, along with their focus on native Australian ingredients like macadamia nut oil, Kakadu plum, aloe vera and bioactive superfood native extracts that are extremely compatible with our skin and help to boost cellular regeneration. In addition, the ingredients are sourced locally to help support the indigenous communities who harvest them, demonstrating Mukti's commitment to ethical principles and a truly Australian identity.

Native extracts like those mentioned above contain incredibly potent quantities of vitamin C, E and antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory properties, not only help to repair skin at a cellular level, they also protect your skin from Australia's harsh UV rays, and are exceptionally nourishing. Our native plants have evolved and adapted to withstand our country's harsh climate, and it is for this reason that our native flora is through to have produced such extraordinary potency, which can in turn be found within Mukti's range.


Organic certification is integral to the Mukti brand, which obtained its certification back in 2006, making them one of the first certified organic brands in the country. "Organic certification by an independent body is the only verification that the ingredients that are used in the formulations are indeed certified organic," says Mukti. "This means that as a manufacturer, we have to supply an auditory trail of every single raw material that comes in and out of our production plant."

Setting and adhering to such strict standards when it comes to ingredient sourcing is one of the major draw-cards for consumers who love Mukti's products, but these strict standards provided unique challenges for the brand's founder. "Initially, sourcing ingredients was very arduous and time consuming," says Mukti. "Back when I started formulating, there wasn’t even an organic standard for cosmetics...these days there’s a lot more certified organic raw materials that are available from across the globe."

Mukti recommends that consumers familiarise themselves with certified organic certification standards and practices, so that they can make informed decisions when choosing what beauty products to purchase. "If you’re buying Australian products - which I encourage - then the three main certifiers are OFC, ACO/COSMOS and NASSA," explains Mukti. "Products from the USA are USDA certified and just about all the other standards are watered down versions. You’ll need to check individual certification body standards for allowable inputs and if they meet your personal criteria."

As a truly organic and ethical brand, it's understandably frustrating for Mukti when she sees green-washing occurring in the market. "A product that doesn’t have a logo from a recognised body and states that it contains organic ingredients has no relevance or bearing," says Mukti. "If it’s a cheaper price, then it's unlikely that there is much organic content at all. It’s unfair to the manufacturers who go through the expense and time-consuming procedure of becoming certified. It’s an issue that really should be taken up by the ACCC and lobbied against."



By Lauren Dunne


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