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From time to time, it is nice to revisit a brand we love, that perhaps we have been stocking for a long time, and you may have forgotten about, to remind you why they are one of our favourites and how they meet our strict criteria of being beauty that’s better – without compromise; sophisticated, high-performing, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. La Mav is one such brand that has long been top of our list. Read on to discover why you should try this stunning range...

Much lauded and loved Australian beauty brand La Mav was created by Tarj Mavi, who created the line when she was unable to find a skincare range that could deliver visible results but was free from harsh chemicals. “After the birth of my second son, I developed a severe case of post-partum melasma. I started looking for products that were both safe and effective, but to no avail,” says Tarj. “This is when I decided to take my knowledge and experience in the development field and create a unique line of products that are good for the environment, good for your health and good for the generations to come. I am extremely proud and content that I’ve managed to turn my idea into reality.”

Combining Science & Nature

The brand focuses on blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science to create high quality and luxurious skincare that delivers visible results while being gentle to both the skin and environment. “La Mav’s range is based on a three tier formulation approach; with tier three being active constituents, followed by tier two consisting of specialty oils, and finally tier one incorporating the base ingredients,” explains Tarj. “Most natural and certified organic products on the market only include what we build in our tier one - base ingredients (which can include herbal extracts, vitamins, hydrosols, carrier oils, essential oils etc.). The unique three tier formulation approach allows us to heal the skin from the inside out, which is the key to improving its appearance and keeping it youthful.”

In addition to being certified organic, cruelty-free, Australian made free from harsh chemicals, fillers, and toxins, La Mav products are 100% plant-based and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. “All natural ingredients we use work in synergy, to help re-active and support skin’s own restorative processes,” says Tarj. “Each and every ingredient is a skin hero itself.” Some of Tarj’s favourite ingredients include Some of my skin heroes include Moth Bean Extract (a natural alternative to retinols which enhances collagen synthesis and improves skin’s elasticity and firmness), Cassia Alata Leaf Extract (which helps protect cells from UVA and UVB damage to prevent premature aging), Açai Pulp Oil (a potent antioxidant that preserves the integrity of the lipid barrier and revitalises the skin), and Hibiscus Esculentus Extract (which smooths expression lines and wrinkles).

Best-Selling BB Crème  

The top-selling La Mav product is their beautiful vitamin-enriched Organic BB Crème, which is now available in two shades to suit a wider range of skin tones. “I believe that what makes the BB Crème so popular is the fact that its formula is suitable for all skin types,” says Tarj. “It doesn’t have a completely matte, nor completely dewy finish, therefore it works for women with dry or sensitive skin, as well as for those with oily and combo skin. It has light texture, blends easily, provides a natural finish, and feels great on the skin. Apart from that, the BB Crème nourishes, protects from UV damage, hydrates, and treats imperfections – it’s a true multitasker that every woman needs in her makeup bag.

New Bio-Active Primer 

La Mav have also recently introduced a Certified Organic Bio-Active Primer (50ml), which nourishes your skin and locks in moisture while creating a perfected, hydrated base for your foundation application. The clever primer ensures that your makeup to stay put for longer so you look fresh all throughout the day – and night. The lush, lightweight formula is infused with Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E and CoEnzyme Q10, which help hydrate the skin while also boosting cellular repair and helping to prevent premature ageing. In addition, the formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which visibly transforms skin texture to make it appear plumper and softer, while also helping to create a smoother canvas for makeup application.

Tarj's Skin Saviours 

As for Tarj’s personal favourites from the range? “I love all La Mav products,” says Tarj, “but if I have to choose just three, I’d go for the Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar, the Rose Hydrating Mist and the Daily Vitamin C Brightening Serum. The nectar nourishes in depth, the mist hydrates and soothes, and the serum brightens the complexion. If I have to summarise in one sentence what these products do, I’d say that they make your skin glow with health - and healthy skin is beautiful.”


Want more La Mav? Discover and shop the entire range here. 

By Lauren Dunne


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