Brand Spotlight: Ere Perez


From time to time we like to revisit a brand that we’ve been stocking for quite some time to remind you why they are one of our firm favourites, and how they meet our strict criteria and eco beauty standards. Ere Perez is one such brand that has long been top of our list. This beautiful cosmetics range truly embodies the concept of beauty that’s better – not only are the makeup products beautiful and affordable; they are also natural and free from nasty toxins too. Read on to discover why Ere Perez cosmetics belong in your makeup bag.

Brand founder Ere Perez

Mexican-born beauty Ere Perez launched her gorgeous cosmetics brand in 2004 as a result of her strong desire to manufacture herbal products with healing properties. “My dream has always been to uplift and share with everyone an easy, simple way to take care of ourselves,” says Ere. “Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is where I express my dream in each unique product that is created.” Inspired by nature’s beauty, Ere chooses to use ingredients such as rice, beetroot and corn to replace the potentially toxic ingredients found in most mainstream makeup products. 

Ere’s first product to market was an almond oil-based mascara, which was an instant best seller and remains one of the most popular items in the range to date. The lush, moisturising mascara was created from Ere’s belief that eyelashes need nourishing - just like our hair and skin does. “I can't leave the house without mascara, and it was easy to start with a universal product to deliver wellness in a simple message,” says Ere. “Our mascaras are our biggest sellers…everybody loves them for their natural ingredients such as almond oil, avocado, and sunflower oil which is great for sensitive eyes and for strengthening your eyelashes.” 

Ere has long-standing family legacy of natural therapies and science. Her maternal grandfather is a traditional Mexican medicine man, her paternal grandparents are both chemical biologists, and her mother always encouraged her to create her own makeup, skincare products and beauty treatments. With this wonderful background, it’s no wonder Ere’s passion for natural remedies has allowed her to channel her knowledge, energy and passion into all aspects of product creation from design, formulations, packaging and colour specifications.

In addition to helping women look and feel their best and most beautiful, Ere’s products are also strictly natural and toxin-free. “Our skin is our biggest organ, absorbing up to 90% of everything we put on it,” says Ere. “I believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle that is also environmentally conscious; when we truly look after ourselves, we look after nature too.” This philosophy is carried throughout the entire Ere Perez range, which is created for the woman who loves makeup and wears it to boost her confidence, by enhancing her femininity in a joyful, natural way. Ere is strictly against plastering on a face full of makeup however, and believes a little goes a long way – “do not hide under tons of makeup - only apply the little bit you need,” advises Ere.

While there are a huge array of gorgeous products in the range, Ere does have a few firm favourites; the Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm is perfect for her on-the-go lifestyle, while the Natural Almond Oil Mascara is Ere’s favourite thing in the world (after coffee, that is!). She’s also in love with the Pure Rice Powder palette in Bronze Tones because it helps her skin glow and look naturally radiant and beautiful. 


While the Ere Perez range features the perfect array of makeup must-haves, Ere is excited to reveal that there will be more beautiful product additions to the very shortly. “We’re working on a renew and reformulated makeup range, a beautiful skincare line, and easy hues of nail polish.” Watch this space!

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By Lauren Dunne


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