Brand Spotlight: Eco Tan by Sonya Driver


Now one of the most popular and awarded tanning products on the market, Eco Tan made Australian history after it became the first and only tanning company to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain (OFC). The brand’s beautiful formulas create a flawless bronze glow and are made from 100% natural ingredients - more than 70% of which are certified organic. Read on to discover what led to the creation of this extraordinary brand, and why Aussie women have fallen in love with it.



Sonya Driver, the brains behind the brand, founded Eco Tan in 2010 after her sister was diagnosed with a melanoma. Still wanting a tan but without the dangers of UV exposure, Sonya and her sister decided to opt for spray tans instead. However Sonya quickly became concerned about the ingredients used in mainstream self-tanning products, which launched Sonya on a journey that would transform the tanning industry - and her life. 

“I became consumed with finding a safe, organic, sunless, tanning alternative after my sister was diagnosed,” says Sonya. “I began researching the ingredients in the products that we were using, and I did not like what I found. I started playing around with organic ingredients and mixing them in my little kitchen in Currumbin, and created Australia’s first Certified Organic tan.” Made from natural cacao, herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile, Sonya’s formula not only created a beautiful tan, but also was completely free from toxic chemicals.



Along with award-winning tanning products, Eco Tan also boasts a luxurious and sensuous body care range. With delicious natural scents like coconut and mint, the range encompasses all the body care staples you could want; body wash, body lotion, deodorant, sunscreen, and body scrubs. As for how Sonya always finds an ingenious formula that feels as beautiful as it smells? “I don’t always go with the first idea I come up with. I take my time thinking over the ingredients and if an idea lingers in my spirit, then I go with it.” 




Q: What's been your proudest career moment to date?

A: In 2013, I won the International Women’s Day Business Leaders Award. At the time, I felt humbled and a bit surprised by the accolade to be honest - I always keep so focused that I don’t often stop to realise how much Eco Tan has grown!  

Q: What's your top anti-ageing natural beauty tip?

A: Stay out of the sun! You can’t reverse damage from the sun. It’s a fireball - the sun will always win. 

Q: What other natural beauty brands do you love?

A: My favourites are always Australian, certified organic and cruelty free. I love INIKA for make up, and Vanessa Megan also has a great skincare range.

Q: How do you like to stay healthy and beautiful from within?

A: It sounds cliché, but power walking in nature really helps to release my stress and it makes me a better person all round. I also know the power of prayer and my greatest passion is helping others and animals.

Q: What do you think makes someone beautiful?

A: Their character - what brings them joy. Compassion, forgiveness and their desire to give back. And a smile - I’m always drawn to people who smile.  


By Lauren Dunne


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