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There are many skin-loving plant oils available these days but few are as precious and potent as Blue Tansy: a striking aquamarine floral oil which has a wealth of benefits for your skin, including some remarkable anti-inflammatory properties to calm and repair a number of issues with immediate results. Often mistaken with Blue Chamomile, Blue Tansy is a rarer and more sought after floral oil sourced only from Morocco. Discover the beauty benefits of this power flower below.

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon

Blue Tansy Oil Skincare Benefits

A key benefit has to be the fact that it is so gentle and calming for all skin types and sensitivities, but also has some radical skin repairing effects. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory due to its abundance of antioxidants, and soothes skin in the most beautiful way by providing the perfect level of hydration and healing, eliminating any redness and irritation. It works wonderfully for all skin types and is especially effective for those prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea.

The luxurious oil also have a fragrant scent which is sweet and herbaceous. It is this scent which also makes the oil have aromatherapeutic qualities. In aromatherapy, blue tansy is used to help with feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed - it's powerfully effective at calming both inflamed mind and skin. The essential oil can also be blended with coconut oil to create a soothing and calming massage oil.

To summarise, the skincare benefits of Blue Tansy Oil include:

How to use Blue Tansy Oil

Blue Tansy Oil is best used in skincare when blended with other carrier oils since it can be too concentrated to use alone, and only a little is required to achieve optimum skin healing. It is the shining star of May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon and the secret to that show-stopping colour and truly enrapturing scent.

The Blue Cocoon is essentially the most beautiful facial oil you’ve ever experienced in a unique waterless and waxless balm form! In the jar, it is a solid. Once it touches skin, it turns immediately to a lovely fluid, greeting your skin with cool serenity. This is used both as a daily hydrator or as a special treatment for skin that is sensitive, inflamed, damaged, acneic or irritated. It can be used as a spot treatment or for the full face, neck and decollete.

Founder May Lindstrom says, “Blue Tansy calms and relieves inflammation on a magical level. It's like a meditation and spa vacation for your skin. In aromatherapy, blue tansy is used to reduce anxiety, manage anger, heal sleep disorders and soften the feeling of being out of control. Total bonus - this can double as my favorite eye and lip treatment of all time!”

Intrigued to discover Blue Tansy’s equilibrating effects for yourself? Try May Lindstrom’s The Blue Cocoon. Not only a brilliant face product, but can be used as a body balm, hand healer and even for hair!


Alternatively, for those on a budget, why not try Acure’s Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil? It's a great alternative for an every day night treatment.


Or somewhere in between? We love Josh Rosebrook's Vital Balm Cream containing an array of skin nourishing botanical oils including hyaluronic acid, as well as Blue Tansy Oil.

By Nina Weston


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