Beauty Benefits of Activated Charcoal


You’ve heard the hype about activated charcoal! Some people use it as a detoxifying face mask, many to brighten their teeth, others as a hair treatment, you can even drink activated charcoal juices; it has many health and beauty uses, but why is it really so good, I hear you ask. Here, we explore the products we stock containing activated-charcoal, their uses, benefits and why they really work.

Deep Cleanse & Purifier


Activated charcoal is excellent for deep cleansing skin, purifying and tightening pores. It is ideal for breakouts, acne, and oily skin, drawing out impurities and bringing detoxification and renewal to the skin. Packed with natural vitamins and antioxidants it is a super treatment for skin and a relaxing ritual to be enjoyed once or twice a week, for best results. Our favourite face mask that contains activated bamboo charcoal is May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver. For a more affordable, simply Charcoal face mask option, try Keeko.


The main reason activated charcoal has been added to cleansers is for its deep cleanse and detoxifying properties; magnetically removing dirt and grime, while balancing the skin's pH levels with its natural alkalinity. It helps eliminate blackheads while absorbing excess oils and toxins. Activated coconut shell charcoal infused Japanese Konjac Sponges have been used as a traditional beauty therapy cleansing aid for more than 1500 years. Getting the benefits from a sponge means you can still use your favourite cleanser. We love MUKTI and INDAH's sponges.

Oral Hygiene


You may have seen a model smiling with a mouthful of charcoal popping up once or twice on your Instagram feed, well, it’s with good reason that using activated charcoal to not only brighten your teeth, but also for general mouth detoxification and oral hygiene has really taken off! Activated charcoal is known to clean and remineralise teeth, strengthen gums, remove toxins from your mouth, and absorb heavy metals all while removing stubborn stains and discolouration, even coffee! It may also assist in improving overall oral health, removing bad bacteria and tartar (that can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis and other oral infections) without weakening the enamel. We stock both Warpaint and My Magic Mud powders, which are both excellent options, completely natural and pure, containing no other fillers.


Many toothbrushes have started to incorporate charcoal into bristles for these very reasons. We love the eco toothbrushes with biodegradable and recyclable packaging best. Plastic is the worst offender for polluting our rivers, estuaries and oceans. Let's all be more eco-conscious with our personal care purchases.


Brushing a few times a week with powder activated charcoal is a great way to reap these oral health benefits, but, if that’s too messy for you, many natural toothpastes are now adding charcoal to their formula. Much easier to use every day!

Bath Soak

Finally you can DIY your own detoxifying bath soak for the whole body, by mixing 1/4 of Keeko charcoal into a warm bath and soak. It is also ideal for irritated skin. This Keeko activated charcoal powder can also be used to clean teeth, or to make your own pure black charcoal face mask; 3 products in one!

Enjoy clearer skin and a brighter, healthier smile with activated charcoal today.


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