Au Naturale Cosmetics: Back & Better!


Au Naturale Cosmetics are the epitome of where Green Meets Glam! The 100% natural, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, ethical, eco-friendly and super chic makeup brand from the US are best known for their stunning luminous cream products and high-colour pigments that are healthy and kind. Beautiful Because were delighted to originally bring them to Australia, and are now even more delighted to share with you their new launches, formulations and packaging.

Why Au Naturale Got A Makeover:

To celebrate the brand's growth and success, they have designed a new aesthetic they believe more accurately conveys the chic and powerful elements of their revolutionarily clean formulations. It is their mission to continue to lead the #CleanBeautyRevolution, demanding legislative change in cosmetic regulations. So what Au Naturale is saying is: their new branding is much like that brand new power suit that makes you feel like an empowered rockstar!

What's Changed:

- Their logo got a facelift

- New packaging too

- New collections & fresh colours

What Hasn't (& never will):

- The revolutionarily clean formulations

- Being vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, gluten free, sustainably made and ethically sourced

- The fact the entire line is hand made in our own lab in Green Bay, WI, USA.

The brand's commitment to providing consumers with transparently labeled cosmetics

Some exciting new products and why you'll love them so:

su-Stain Lip Stains

The new su-Stain Lip Stains are an innovative product designed to nourish your lips and maintain colour-play. Oh, and it’s changing the name of the green beauty game with an unprecedented combination of formulation standards to give great, long-lasting results!

Brow Boss

These gorgeous vegan pencils will to define, accentuate or fill in your brows with natural mineral pigment, while simultaneously nourishing your skin. So you can up your game for beautiful, iconic brows!

Rollerball Powders

Who doesn't love an easy way to play with powder makeup!? Au Naturale have repackaged their powder formulas for ease of use and to prevent waste. Our top picks would be their new eyehshadows and blushers.

Improved Creme Formulas

The brand's much-loved creme formulas have been improved and the packaging has had a facelift to boot! the creme foundation is even more flattering in its finish, and we love their blushers too!


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