April Gargiulo: Why Vintner's Daughter Works


The name Vintner’s Daughter quickly gained recognition in the world of luxury eco beauty by word-of-mouth and recommendations from one to another for its impressive formula and results. Now with a cult international beauty status and a whole host of high profile celebrity devotees, including green queen Gwyneth Paltrow, the serum is starting to make natural beauty waves here in Australia too, where at Beautiful Because, we are delighted to introduce it to you. Here we speak with brand founder April Gargiulo to discover more about her desert island product, her one-of-a-kind incredible botanical face serum and the story of how it came to be.

Q. Your story is so interesting, originally a fine winemaker, what inspired you to begin formulating your own skin care?

I was someone who had always struggled with my skin – acne, discolouration, clarity and fine lines. I had tried every product under the sun. When I became pregnant and started reading the labels, I was shocked to see so many of the ingredients were cheap fillers and worse, toxic. I was also looking 40 in the mirror and wanted something to keep the fine lines and wrinkles at bay. I went in search of serious skincare in the natural world and couldn’t find the level of multi-correctional performance I needed, so two years later Vintner’s Daughter was born.

Q. How is the creation of Vintner’s Daughter aligned with the philosophically of fine winemaking?

To make the very best wine or skincare, you must work with the very finest ingredients and honor those ingredients through a thoughtful and methodical formulation process. That is how my family approaches winemaking and that is how I approached creating Vintner’s Daughter. We do not take short cuts. Every decision we make is based on quality and efficacy.

Q. Why do you believe natural beauty ingredients are more effective than synthetic ones?

I believe natural beauty’s benefits become most apparent over time and that means over years not months. There is a quiet, but discernable grace and radiance that comes with natural beauty. It is hard to name, but you know it when you see it.

Q. How did Vintner’s Daughter go from an idea to a physical product on the shelves?

It took about 3 years to formulate Active Botanical Serum. I wanted several powerhouse, multi-correctional serums and a face oil all in one. There was nothing else like it. Also, because our formulation process (we begin with whole plants) is so unique, it took a very long time to get a lab to sign on. I was turned away by so many who said they wouldn’t do it unless we made substitutions for lesser quality ingredients and less expensive/time-consuming formulation processes. I am thankful every day that I stood my ground.

Q. How else does your formulation process differ to other luxe botanical serums on the market?

Active Botanical Serum is made from 22 of the world’s most active and nutritionally dense botanicals and essential oils. They have been masterfully combined to deliver dramatic results to all skin types, ages and colours. Uniquely, we begin with whole plants and are able to extract their full spectrum of activity versus using isolated actives. The result is a serum that has the most optimal ratios of everything your skin needs to be its most beautiful; minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients, amino acids, omegas, etc. It is complete skin nutrition.

Q. You have such impressive customer reviews, with women experiencing instant correctional skin care results, why do you think Vintner’s Daughter resonates with so many women?

The answer is simple. Because it works and people want to share their stories. We have never paid for an ounce of marketing. It has all been girlfriend to girlfriend, sister to sister, daughter to mother. We owe our success on the quality of our product and the incredible generosity of our customers.

Q. What's next for Vintner’s Daughter?

We only want to introduce category defining, game-changing products. This takes time, so hopefully yes, we will have more products eventually, but only if they are truly world-class.

Q. Besides from the serum, what are your own beauty secrets?

These are more universal than secret: water, sleep, love, gratitude, movement and laughter.

Q. What is your favourite health food?

Apple cider vinegar soda. Equal parts pomegranate juice, apple cider vinegar and sparkling water. Also, matcha and kimchi.

Q. What is your favourite way to relax?

Spending time with my family. They aren’t old enough to hike yet, but as soon as they are, that will be high on my list of relaxing activities. Right now, we play a lot of go-fish and crazy eights. But it’s meditation that keeps me grounded.

Q. What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

I think generosity of spirit is incredibly beautiful.


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