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Fans of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics will be pleased to hear the much-loved Aussie brand have extended their line to launch some key skin care products as the perfect compliment to their makeup. After 15 years working purely with natural makeup, they now offer the whole package – healthy skin for a flawless complexion. 

Ere Perez Natural Skincare

Mexican-born Ere launched her first makeup product – the super popular Almond Oil Mascara – back in 2004, as a result of her strong desire to manufacture herbal products with healing properties. Inspired by nature’s beauty, skin care was the obvious next step for this makeup maestro, who has utilised her natural therapy experience to create powerhouse botanical products using pure and potent native plant extracts, for great results.

“My dream has always been to uplift and share with everyone an easy, simple way to take care of ourselves,” says Ere. “Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is where I express my dream in each unique product that is created.”

In addition to helping women look and feel their most beautiful, Ere’s products are strictly toxin-free. “Our skin is our biggest organ, absorbing up to 90% of everything we put on it,” she says. “I believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle that is also environmentally conscious; when we truly look after ourselves, we look after nature too.” This philosophy is carried throughout the new skin care range.

Comprising of 5 key, unique Australian-made products suitable for everyone and to be used any time, this new skincare offering is beneficial to all skin types, and great value to boot. Incorporating key herbal ingredients to protect, support and maintain a soft, hydrated and healthy complexion, Ere Perez are proud to now offer the whole package to their customers, for a good skin day, every day. We are sure you'll love their skin essentials as much as we do, they are:

1. Herbal Face Tonic

Revive + Refresh + Balance

This refreshing botanical face mist is an instant pick-me-up for tired skin. A balancing toner to hydrate and instantly tone, it gives a herbal lift to your complexion. Green tea, witch hazel, citrus, geranium, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and rosemary make this a favourite pick-me-up tonic to enhance skin’s natural luminosity and balance your complexion.

How to apply:

A. Spritz face 2-3 times after cleansing and before moisturising.

B. Use throughout the day to refresh & hydrate skin

C. Can be applied over makeup

2. Quandong Green Booster Serum

Boost + Support + Nourish

Boost your skin with super greens with this gel-like serum packed full of powerful ingredients to help deliver enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins straight to the skin.

Quandong, chlorophyll, spinach and raspberry seed feature for a glowing, hydrated complexion. Support healthy supple skin with a daily dose of greens.

How to apply:

A. Gently rub 1-4 drops of serum into face, neck and décolletage after cleansing and toning.

B. Follow with moisturiser.

C. Use morning and night.

3. Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar

Revitalize + Hydrate + Nurture

A lightweight nectar infused with potent herbal oils will revitalise skin and give a gorgeous dewy glow. Enriched with Australian blue cypress, camellia, jasmine flower, jojoba, cedar wood and rice to calm and hydrate skin. Prime your skin for a radiant luminosity and youthful complexion*.

How to apply:

A. Gently rub 2-4 drops of nectar together in the palm of your hand to warm.

B. Then apply evenly with fingertips to face, neck and décolletage morning and night.

*For a flawless, glow look, you can add a drop to your foundation and apply to face.

4. Cranberry Lip & Eye Butter

Moisturise + Regenerate + Protect

Regenerate delicate skin with this hydrating skin butter for delicate skin: lips and eyes. Formulated to help reduce puffiness around the eyes and aid in adding moisture to fine lines around lips. It promotes youthful, hydrated skin with rich Shea butter, cranberry and cucumber. Offering extreme protection day and night.

How to apply:

A. Cleanse and dry skin.

B. Gently press butter around the eye and lip areas, blend softly into skin.

C. Follow with moisturiser.

5. Papaya SOS Marmalade

Repair + Protect + Rescue

Rescue your skin with this vital, soothing balm that is multi-tasking magic. Ultra-repairing for face, hands, feet, body and even hair! Your all-in-one remedy melts into skin thanks to coconut oil, hemp and chia. The fermented papaya extract adds to the healing remedy and smells divine. This little SOS is perfect skin protection for home and travel.

How to apply:

A. Apply to improve and protect lips, hands, cuticles, scars, heels, split ends, insect bites, scrapes, bruises or problem skin.

B. Rub until the product has absorbed.

C. Gently removes makeup – melt product into face and wash off with a warm face cloth.


If you like the sound of these, and want to smarten up your skin routine for happy, healthy and beautiful skin, every day, visit our Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics brand page where you can discover more, or shop the entire range.

By Nina Weston


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