A 4 Ingredient Yoga Recipe


A 4 ingredient yoga recipe can be whipped up first thing in the morning, prepped the night before, or throughout any of your waking hours, as beautiful yogi Maryanne Edwards, founder of Organically Wealthy, demonstrates.


Apply tenderly some sort of self cuddle: This is a bound version of "Ardha Matsyandrasana", or you could call it a seated, Revolved Bird Of Paradise. You could hug your knees into your chest as you wake in bed. Any shape where you curl into or get wrapped up in yourself is perfect.

Organically Wealthy Ardha Matsyandrasana


Crack open that heart of yours: Chest Openers, or Back Bends will not only energise and increase your breath capacity but also open a sweet flow of heart energy. This is "Urdhva Dhanurasana" (wheel pose) but you could even just do a big yawning arms wide stretch and breathe generously. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

Organically Wealthy Urdhva Dhanurasana


Pepper in a few minutes in stillness: Butterfly is my go-to yin pose for a few minutes stillness, not only will it slow down the external sensory stimulation, but this shape gently stimulates the kidney meridians which help replenish your vital energy. 5 minutes here would be ideal, but a few minutes with your eyes closed anywhere can be just as good, think of it as restarting your hard drive.

Organically Wealthy Butterfly


Let your bod move the way your soul would. Freely: I’m a huge fan of just letting my body move itself, if there’s any emotions or recurring thoughts you want to shift, this will do it; pop in your headphones and let your limbs be free. Barefoot in the grass is a personal fave.

Organically Wealthy Freestyle Yoga

Apply in liberal or heaping measures, you can’t get it wrong beauties and you can’t over indulge. Enjoy x

Model: Maryanne Edwards; Photographer: Alicia Hetherington


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