DIY Natural Bridal Makeup using Organic Products


Doing your own wedding makeup can make perfect sense, and not just financial. Most of us wear makeup every day and know our best features and which colours and textures suit us better than anyone. Furthermore, for us natural beauties, natural and organic makeup artists are few and far between. So, why not do it yourself with your favourite organic products? A little practice is all it takes...

Natural Bridal Makeup

Here are our top tips and the products we love for achieving a natural bridal makeup look, for fresh faced, healthy and radiant beauty.

Perfect Base


You will be the centre of attention for the whole day and although you want to shine, the last thing you need is a shiny t-zone in the photos. Avoid makeup bases containing SPF if you are not going to be outside a lot since SPF (in particular zinc oxide) can make you look pale and shiny in pics, though not in reality! Opt for a full coverage liquid formula (unless you are very oily) as even if you wouldn't normally wear such a coverage, little shows up in photos so, as a general rule, apply an extra layer of everything!

For combination and normal skins, we recommend Ere Perez's Oat Milk Foundation and for dry and mature skins, Nvey Eco's Organic Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation.

Unless you have a very dry skin type, set your foundation with a translucent powder. Not only will it prolong wear, but prevent excess shine in the t-zone.

If you have oily skin, your best bet is to use a powder rather than liquid foundation, Ere Perez's Correcting Calendula Powder Foundation is ideal for oily skin types and also suited to those with acne or sensitivity.

Bronze Babe

If you plan to have a subtle tan on your wedding day. Use Eco Tan's Winter Skin in the weeks leading up to your big day. It is a gradual tanner so will give natural and buildable colour. After applying your foundation, sweep a light dusting of Ere Perez's bronzer, Bronze Tones all over your face, neck and décolletage. 

If you'd like to highlight and contour to make the most of your most beautiful features, check out our article.

Natural Bridal Makeup


A traditional eye makeup is two eyeshadow colours, liquid eyeliner and full volume lashes.


Popular bridal  eyeshadow shades include the following combinations: beige and brown, brown and gold, silver and grey, cream and peach, ivory and pink, lilac and grey and pale and deep plum.

If you are not sure which shades are most suited to you, it is best to go with your eye colour:

Brown Eyes – this depends on whether you have cool or warm brown eyes. Plums are flattering on all shades of brown eyes but pink is not a great choice. If you have warm brown eyes choose golds, beige and browns. If you have cool brown eyes choose silvers, greys, lilacs and cool browns. Recommendations include Nvey Eco's Plum Rock and Ere Perez's Very Important (warm) and Ere Perez's Better Than Smokey (cool).

Blue Eyes – to make your baby blues even bluer, try a copper, bronze or warm pinks. Silvers, lilacs, peaches, mauves and greys are also pretty bridals shades for blue eyes. Recommendations include Nvey Eco's Earthly Desire and Ere Perez's That's Hot.

Green Eyes – violets, mauves and lilacs will give your gorgeous greens the wow factor. Plums and warm browns are also beautiful on green eyes. Recommendations include Nvey Eco's Plum Rock and Ere Perez's I Love Vintage.

Hazel Eyes – hazel eyes suit many shades, but muted moss greens, golds and plums are especially pretty. Recommendations include Ere Perez's Green and Grin and Ere Perez's Very Important.

Read our Colour Theory article for more advice.


Liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line will make your lashes look fuller and enhance your eye shape beautifully. Practice makes perfect. Lavera's Liquid Eyeliner (pictured below) has a built in brush and is easy to use.  Nvey Eco's cake eyeliner also gives gorgeous, long lasting results. If you are wearing a black liquid eyeliner on your upper lash line, you may not want to wear anything on the lower lash line but if you do, go for a soft shade – grey for cool tones and brown for warm tones.


Depending on your natural lashes, opt for a lengthening or volumising mascara for beautiful, fluttery lashes. If you think you may be a teary bride, it is definitely best to go for a waterproof mascara which will also be long-lasting and smudge proof! For further advice, check out our article Choosing a Mascara.


If you have opted for natural eye makeup, a peachy pink, coral or even a red are all beautiful wedding shades.  If you are wearing smokey eye makeup, choose a nude (we have lots of lovely nudes at Beautiful Because).

Line and Define

Use a natural lip primer to keep your lipstick in place for longer. Bite Beauty's Line & Define Lip Primer is perfect for creating shape, preventing feathering and prolonging lipstick wear.


Match your blush to your lipstick shade, whether cool or warm. Peaches and warm pinks will brighten your complexion and transform you into a blushing bride! We love Ere Perez's Pure Rice Powder in Rose Tones and Nvey Eco's Blush in Blushing Sunset.


For that extra special somthing on your special day, add a little shimmer to your cheek bones, cupids bow and brow bones with Ere Perez's Highlighter Falling Star (above).


Don't forget your nails! If you are doing your own, choose a colour that compliments your lipstick of choose soft pink or nude. If you need to strengthen your nails in time for your big day, Butter London's Horse Power Nail Fertilizer is a miracle product!

By Nina Weston


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