Natural Beach Beauty Picks


With the Aussie summer having come early for many parts of the country, it means we can spend more sunny days on the beach. But there is nothing worse than going for a dip with your most beautiful bikini on then coming out panda eyed because you forgot the waterproof makeup! Here's our fave products for long-lasting, waterproof and sun protecting beauty.

1. Ere Perez's Creative Chamomile Eye Duo in Holiday are fun tropical shades, in aqua and apricot, perfect for getting that holiday feeling!

2. Eco All Natural Sunscreen SPF30 is a natural, zinc based, broad spectrum sunscreen to keep your skin safe in the sun.

3. Swim pretty with Ere Perez's Volumising Waterproof Volume Mascara.

4. Ere Perez's Rosehip Lip Bar SPF15 in Nude adds a subtle tint and shine to lips while protecting from the sun.

5. Ere Perez's Clever Carrot Cheek and Lip Balm in Harmless is a waterproof multitasker perfect for the beach and girls on the go!

By Nina Weston


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