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We don't forget to wear our summer wardrobe – sunnies, sandals and floral dresses, but we can neglect our skin. In summer, more than any time, our beauty routine needs a makeover to keep our skin healthy. As you wear lighter clothes, your skin requires lighter formulas with SPF protection. Here's our top summer beauty essentials to get you beach-ready:

Beautiful Because Bronzers


Don't underestimate the importance of a good, natural SPF containing zinc oxide as opposed to the nasty concoction of chemicals found in general SPFs, which may do more free radical damage than sun protection! We love Antipodes Immortal Natural Sun Protection for face and body and Eco Tan Coconut Natural Sunscreen, both contain zinc oxide to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays.

A lightweight, natural tinted moisturiser, or BB Cream is ideal for hot weather and provides low SPF protection from its mineral ingredients. We love Madara Sunflower Tinting Fluid, which contains Northern plant extracts to hydrate, cool and soothe the skin, and Mukti Tinted Moisturiser which is a sunscreen solution, offering SPF 15, and available in two shades, Light and Medium. They are both perfect for sizzling days, and enriched with minerals and vitamins for a healthy and even complexion.

While La Mav and Lily Lolo BB Creams offer mild mineral protection from the sun and are packed full of skin-loving vitamins, nutrient and antioxidant rich plant extracts and oils. La Mav BB comes in the one shade ideal for medium skin tones, while Lily Lolo has 3: Fair, Light and Medium.

Waterproof Makeup

We heart mascara and it is the one makeup product we can't leave the house without! The eye area is particularly delicate and prone to infection and irritation which is why it is so important to use natural formulas that condition and protect the lashes. Ere Perez is one of our fave natural mascara brands, and has the only Waterproof Natural Mascara on the market, ideal for the beach.  There Joy Cheek & Lip Tint is also waterproof and just what's needed for a touch of colour in the heat. Also, use a mattifying mineral face powder to help set and prolong foundation wear during summer.

Beautiful Because Summer Skin

Lip Care

Really all you need for natural summer beauty is a stroke of mascara and touch of tint on the lips. Pucker up with Inika's new Truly Organic Lip Tints, "Candy" is a soft, shimmering pinky nude, perfect for every day; it also contains coconut oil and Shea butter, to refine, condition and protect lips. Luk Beautifoods' Lip Nourishes are both a natural lipstick and treatment in one, made from food actives. If you are looking for more condition and protection, MUKTI's Lip Butter Cacao Vanilla works a delicious treat.

Self Tan

If you are feeling a little pasty, kick start your summer glow with a natural self-tanner. We say there is no better tan on the market than the organic offerings from our very own Aussie brand, Eco Tan. Not only is the formula jam-packed with healthy skin nourishing goodies, but the colour is beautiful, derived from cacoa (yes, chocolate!) so gives a delicious, natural colour. Acorelle Glittering Dry Body Oil is the perfect way to enhance and glam up arms and legs.

Face & Body Exfoliant

Don't forget to exfoliate face and body before applying self tan to prevent flakey patches. Refined skin also better absorbs your skin care. Below are 3 of our faves:


Perk up your complexion with a dusting of bronzer, we love Ere Perez's Bronze Tones Natural Rice Powder, not only is the duo colour ideal for most skin tones, but the formula has a mattifying effect and SPF15, for a very natural and skin protecting, day time glow! Lily Lolo Pressed Bronzers are also excellent and offer a more matt finish. For those who like creams, try W3ll People or Vapour Beauty's Cream Bronzers, also great for contouring.


With the heat of summer, our bodies are even more prone to perspiration. Prevent body odour with a natural deodorant. Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste sure knows how to work it for you, whether you are in the office, at the gym or on the beach. Madara Bio Active Deodorant is also excellent for sensitive skin. MUKTI Botanique Deodorant is a refreshing spray with the scent of sage.

Beach Water

It's best not to wear perfume when out in the sun, opt for a sun-safe beach water or refreshing mist.

So, there you go natural beauties, keep your skin healthy and makeup "natural" this summer! 


By Nina Weston


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