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Sally Biondo is a New York based eco makeup artist, hair stylist, and natural beauty expert, she believes it's important to empower women with honest information about the products they use.  Sally has worked for top international photographers, had her work featured in international magazines, and enhanced the natural beauty of Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Naomi Judd and Lindsay Lohan. Beautiful Because, had the pleasure of finding out more about Sally, her green beauty tips and the products she loves.

Sally Biondo at Work

How did you get into makeup artistry?

I picked up my first professional makeup brush over ten years ago! I was going to school for makeup while simultaneously going to art school in NY. The knowledge I gained in art school prepared me for my journey as a makeup artist. I started my first job working for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics at Saks Fifth Avenue. A short while after I found myself working for high end stores such as Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel. After gaining knowledge by working at the counter, I turned to my creative side, working on photo shoots and runway,  before moving to Paris where I began building my professional portfolio. I now work mainly in NY doing editorial and personal clientele.  

Sally Biondo - Wet Look Makeup

When did you start using natural cosmetics?

My interest in natural cosmetics started around 2005, when I realised that many of the products I used contained harmful ingredients. I started researching more about these hazardous chemicals and how they pose a danger to the general public. That’s when I began my quest towards using only natural products. A few years later I was able to completely switch over to using only natural cosmetics in my professional kit. I now dedicate myself to have my clients use only organic and natural products.

Do you have a beauty philosophy?

Turn to natural cosmetics. The choices and colours are as limitless and going non-toxic is so important. Have fun with your makeup and don't forget to go for that bold lipstick sitting at the bottom of your makeup bag waiting to be worn!

Which brands do you use and which are your favourite products?

My favourite natural brands are Nvey Eco, RMS Beauty and Vapour Organic Beauty.

My natural beauty makeup must-haves are:

RMS Beauty Un Cover-up and Living Luminizer

Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara

Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

Nvey Eco Erase Concealer

Bite Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer

What have been your career highlights so far?

When I was younger, working in NY and booking my first celebrity client, and moving to Paris, working with the most amazing creative individuals, were two huge highlights in my career. My switch to natural cosmetics during a time when natural cosmetics sparsely existed was also a breakthrough moment in my career since I was ahead of my time. I'm so happy the knowledge about natural cosmetics has spread, and I'm able to do what I love today.

Favourite current makeup trend and tipsSally Biondo - Bold Lips

Bold lips are huge for Spring/Summer 2014 (our Fall 2013). Try a matte colour and skip the gloss. For longevity: Apply, blot on a tissue, re-apply and then lightly blot again.

What do you say to those who don’t think natural makeup performs as well?

Give it a try! Ten years ago natural makeup was very difficult to come by, now it's so easy. The market has changed immensely. Now you can find great natural makeup products that are effective, beautifully packaged and easy to work with.

What is your top green beauty tip?

Educate yourself about the dangers of unnatural products. It's so incredibly important to have the knowledge to make the right choices. If you can't understand an ingredient – do a fast search and look it up. If you can't find it on Google, try Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. Just type in the brand or ingredient and it will tell you it's safety level:

Any tips for achieving longer wear, especially for oily skin types?

Primers are a great way to reduce shine, you'll find them in two forms: eyeshadow primer and face primer. For oily skin types, avoid excessive liquid foundation. It's always best to choose a mineral foundation that controls shine and conceal what is needed.

What’s your personal beauty regime?

Since the birth of my son I've become a minimalist. I wash and prep my face with my husband’s organic line of products, French Soap: wash my face with his Organic Sea Salt Soap and then apply Organic Unrefined Argan Oil. I use his Kelp Face Mask once a week and at night deep clean my face with Organic Aloe Vera Toner. For makeup I apply RMS Beauty concealer and follow with a loose mineral powder. A little blush, touch of mascara and I'm ready for the day. When I have an event I put on a thin to thick black liner and have fun with bold lipsticks and a highlighter on my cheeks.

Are there any particular natural ingredients you look out for in products?

I love rich, high quality organic oils (I have normal to dry skin). Argan Oil, Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil are some of my favourites. I also love the aromatherapy effects of essential oils, lavender is my favourite.

DIY beauty recipesSally Biondo - Retro Glamour

I have a whole board dedicated to DIY recipes on my Pinterest page. Find me at: Eco Makeup Artist Sally Biondo. I love DIY recipes! One of my favourites during the winter is for chapped lips: tablespoon of organic coconut oil mixed with some raw sugar and scrub away.

Where do you get your inspiration?

When I need to be inspired I read books, look at beauty blogs, turn pages of international magazines and take long walks outside. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. I love Beautiful Because – so amazing to find such wonderful natural products and eco beauty write ups.

Favourite health food

I've always loved organic goji berries and dark organic chocolate. LOL... Can chocolate be considered a health food? In all seriousness, I love anything wholesome, local, vegetarian and organic.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

 Outside of work I love spending time with my family, walking through the park with my son and going to the outdoor farmers market.

To find out more about Sally, visit her website:


By Nina Weston


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