Your Makeup Essentials and Colours


Most of us have more makeup products then we could possibly wear and choose colours we like rather than the ones that have the most impact on our appearance. We say, downsize your makeup bag with the essential greener makeup products and shades most suited to your skin, hair and eye colours. Paring down your beauty regime is not only more environmentally friendly but better for your bank balance.

Colours for Blondes

You are likely to have fair and clear skin naturally (fairer skin tends to be dryer so less prone to oils and breakouts), and light-coloured eyes.

You may be shy when it comes to picking makeup colours as you already have bright locks, but you really should have more fun when it comes to picking shades, as gold or bronze eyeshadow and rose or an orange-based red lipstick look stunning on you. Check out our Mineral Makeup Guide for Blondes.





Colours for Brunettes

You may be fair skinned with light eye colours or bisque or olive skin toned with brown eyes.

Brunettes often need to brighten up their makeup palette to give their fair skin and dark hair a lift. Cherry red and plum lipsticks are classic shades that look awesome on you. Check out our Mineral Makeup Guide for Brunettes.





Colours for Redheads

If you are blessed with red locks, you are likely to have porcelain skin, freckles and light-coloured eyes.

Accentuate your eyes with a brown mascara and eyeliner and choose a bright shade of lipstick to brighten your complexion. Check out our Mineral Makeup Guide for Redheads





Colours for Black skin

You are lucky in that it only takes a few products to bring out your natural beauty and you can wear many colours. Bright colours look beautiful on black skin and often you can just pick the shades you love. Avoid muted shades which can make your skin look ashy. Check out our guide Natural Makeup for Black Women.





Colours for Asian women

You may have fair or olive skin and are likely to have dark skin. Accentuate your best features with the right makeup products. For fair skins, cherry red lipstick looks stunning and for warmer/darker skins an orange based red/coral lipstick gives you a pop. Enhance your eye shape with a cake eyeliner. Check out our guide Natural Makeup for Asian Women.



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By Nina Weston


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