Why Eat Organic Food


If you use organic cosmetics you will also want to be healthy on the inside. For those of us who want to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle, eating organic food is an important step.


Regular produce is often contaminated with fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicide, insecticides, lead from cans and phthalates from plastics and packaging. Fish must also be purchased with caution since it can be polluted with mercury. Eating contaminated food can result in your body accumulating high levels of chemicals. Pregnant women (babies in the womb) and children are even more susceptible to synthetic chemicals and their affects.

Organic produce free from chemicals can also lead to healthier, stronger and more radiant skin. There is little point using organic skin care if you are not toxic-free from within.


Organic food is often tastier due to its freshness and seasonality since fruit won’t have been forced ripened, veggies frozen or grains genetically modified. Organic farming starts with soil nourishment; nourishing the plant, our palates and containing more minerals as a result.


Organic meat and dairy means the animals will not have been fed growth hormones or antibiotics. Organically farmed animals should not be factory farmed, but treated humanely and with respect. For example, chickens are free range and cows are not kept in feed lots.


Organic farming is concerned with protecting the environment and working in harmony with existing ecosystems, including water, soil and energy conservation, using renewable resources and natural farming cycles. Traditional farming methods such as rotating crops to maintain soil of nutrients are often used.


Choose organic and support local and family-run farms. Although large scale farms are increasingly choosing to farm organically, most are small, independently owned, family-run farms. As organic food doesn’t keep so long it is usually locally produced.

Where to buy

Although organic food can be more expensive, think of it as invaluable health insurance. Most grocery stores will have an organic section and there are also specialist organic food stores about. Organic fruit and veggies tend to be seasonal with a shorter life span so you may have to adapt your meals and shop more frequently. You will often have to make things from scratch as ready-made food is unlikely to be organic.  If you are very busy, there are organic delivery services that will deliver seasonal fruit and veggies, dairy and meat weekly to your door. Farmers markets are also a great place to buy local and organic produce. 

Getting started

If you want to gradually start buying organic foods start by replacing those most known to contain pesticides. See Environmental Working Groups Dirty Dozen list: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary.php Though this is American, many of the foods will have had similar farm treatment here.

So save your skin, improve you and your family’s health, care for the environment, support local farmers and enjoy the great taste of organic produce.

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By Nina Weston


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