Natural Skincare for Dry Skin


Dry skin feels tight and uncomfortable, is prone to flakiness, itchiness, redness, fine lines and is well, just no fun! Healthy skin is a barrier from bacteria so regulating moisture levels and strengthening, fragile dry skin is essential. Fortunately, Mother Nature has many natural skin quenchers to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Dry skin can be caused by environmental factors, such as diet, health, genetics or something you are doing to your skin, such as using a stripping alcohol-based astringent. Whatever the cause may be, the right skin care can certainly alleviate the uncomfortable feeling and lacklustre or flaky appearance of dry skin. To lock in natural moisture and get healthier, softer and more supple skin, you need to boost skin’s natural, fatty lipid production.

Cleanse, Tone and Exfoliate

Cream and oil-based cleansers are best for dry skin types. Use a muslin cloth when cleansing to help remove dead skin cells. Toners can add comfort and additional moisture; Hydrating rose and floral waters are skin quenching ingredients. Use soft milk or oil based exfoliating formulas; effective ingredients include jojoba beads, oatmeal and fruit kernel.


Rich creams containing cocoa butter, coconut, olive oil, pomegranate or rosehip are great moisturisers. Dry skin lacks essential fatty acids (EFAs) found naturally in cells. They boost skin’s moisture levels by increasing its lipid content and repairing its barrier function. Improving and retaining skin’s moisture levels leads to improved softness and elasticity. Ingredients containing EFAs include Shea butter, jojoba, rosehip seed and sesame seed oil.

Facial Oils and Serums

Facial oils and serums are a fantastic way to quench thirsty skin. Look out for serums containing squalene (derived from olive oil) – for its anti-ageing and moisturising properties, hylauronic acid (including glucosamine derived from plants) – as it helps hydrate skin, and vitamin B5 (niacinamide) – which will strengthen as well as hydrate the skin.

When it comes to facial oils, hempseed oil contains fatty acids, omega-3 and -6 and penetrates deep skin tissue. It is also great for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. Rosehip oil, Vitamin E oil and jojoba oil are also used to treat dry skin.

Moisture Mask

To boost your hydration levels use a moisture mask at least once a week.


Liquid and cream formulas are the most nourishing for dry skin types. Liquid mineral makeup is suited to even the most sensitive of skin types an is full of skin protecting and conditioning natural oils. Moisturise or use a mineral primer before applying your mineral makeup to ensure a smooth canvas.


Remember to drink plenty of purified water to hydrate skin from within. At least six glasses a day! :-)


By Nina Weston


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