Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin is often thin and delicate with blood vessels close to the surface. It is easily affected by chemical and atmospheric irritation leading to blotchiness, redness, dehydration and irritation. It is also prone to eczema and dermatitis.

Natural and organic skincare is ideal for sensitive skin since it doesn’t contain the synthetic chemicals, alcohol, perfume or detergents (in particular sodium lauryl sulphate) present in many regular skin products which irritate and damage skin; resulting in dryness, flakiness, redness, blotchiness and irritation. In fact a chemical overload (as well as poor diet) could be the root of the cause.

Cleanse and Tone

As well as those designed specifically for sensitive skin, look for ingredients helpful to your current skin condition, such as aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin E for irritation; rose water, orange blossom and calendula for hydration; cucumber, green tea and honey for blemishes.

Patch test and dilute essential oils which can aggravate sensitive skin. Avoid minty ingredients such as peppermint which can sting. Simple, gentle, unscented formulas are best for sensitive skin making natural skin care ideal.


Only use an exfoliator if you have flaky or uneven skin. Go for a gentle scrub containing ingredients such as jojoba beads, oats, almond meal and honey rather than fruit acids.


Moisturisers containing chamomile, rose, calendula or avocado are ideal for sensitive skin types due to their calming and conditioning properties. Avocado oil is rich in essential fatty acids to help plump skin from within by renewing cellular activity. Vitamin B5 (niacinamide) is a great anti-inflammatory moisturiser proven to strengthen skin. Rosehip, jojoba, argan and other natural oils are great for protecting skin and diminishing the look of redness/broken capillaries.


If you are looking for a natural solution to treat eczema or dermatitis, look for products that contain Shea Butter and Vitamin E for their gentle, conditioning and moisturising properties, beeswax for it's moisturising and anti-bacterial effects as well as calendula and camomile for their calming and restorative abilities.


It has to be mineral makeup for sensitive skins! Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, mineral makeup is calming and protective to the skin, so much so it's recommended by dermatologists worldwide post-treatment. Micronised minerals are makeup, concealer and sunblock all in one and, although application can take a little practice, it is easier than you may think. See our article: Applying Mineral Makeup in 5 Easy Steps.


By Nina Weston


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