Natural Makeup for Asian Women


Asian women have beautiful features that can be enhanced with the right makeup.

You are likely to have oily or combination skin which can be fair or olive in tone, deep brown (cool / warm) eyes, and brown or black hair. We recommend the following mineral and natural makeup as a guideline:

Powder Minerals to even out skin tone


Primer – Purple based primer will offset yellow skin tones

Blusher – Warm pinks and peaches are great on fair skin while corals and warm browns suit darker tones

Highlighter – Gold or peach for warmer and darker skins. Silver can look great on fair skin

Brow powder – Cool brown for brown hair and dark grey for black hair (mix black and grey/taupe powder)

Mascara – Use eyelash curlers for straight lashes. Choose black mascara.

Eyeliner – Eyeliner is perhaps the most important product for accentuating Asian eyes. Use black gel or liquid liner for every day to enhance eye shape. While, plum, navy and green can also be a great way to add a pop of colour and emphasise your eye shape.

Eyeshadow – Use a light, eyeshadow colour (such as nude, cream, lilac, mauve, light pink or silver) all over the eyelid and add colour with eyeliner. See our eye colour recommendations

Lipstick or Gloss – Light baby pinks and cool reds suit fairer and cooler skin tones while warm pinks, deep corals and orange-based reds suit darker and warmer tones.


By Nina Weston


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