Makeup for Mature Skin


In your golden years, learn from the makeup trials and errors of your younger years. Make the most of your best features by accentuating them. Learn clever tricks to conceal wrinkles and pigmentation. And, most importantly, don't be afraid to try out colours and be yourself! Just let your natural beauty show through... 

Natural Makeup for Mature Skin

Key products for every day:

Liquid minerals are best for dry/lined skin. Powder is best for smooth or oily skin. Use a lightweight and silky formula.

Tinted Moisturiser or BB Cream for summer wear

Concealer – to conceal dark circles and pigmentation

Eyebrow pencil – well-defined eye brows will make you look younger

Eyeshadow palette – Invest in an eyeshadow palette with your favourite shades. Or opt for some natural tones such as warm browns or muted plums for browns eyes and soft greys or muted plums for blue/light eyes. If you have fine lines avoid irredescent textures except on the smooth brow bone

Eyeliner – Choose the colour suited to your eye colour - see our article on colour theory

MascaraUse brown for a softer look

Blusher  – Use a soft powder blusher - warm tones are more uplifting and will boost your complexion

Lipstick or Gloss?  Lipstick will give a more natural finish. Gloss is great to add for an evening out.  Use a lipliner to shape lips and prolong wear. Redefine the contours of the mouth with a natural lip liner. Choose rose woods or deep reds over bright shades such as fuchsia.


How to conceal wrinkles: Avoid anything that shimmers or which is full coverage as it will sit in lines. Use a light-weight, light-reflecting formula for mature skin. Use a lighter shade of foundation/concealer in lines to deflect them.

How to conceal pigmentation: Use a cream based yellow concealer for purple or brown pigmentation and to stay in place.

How to conceal rosacea: Use a green based foundation or primer to counteract redness. Make sure you use one that doesn’t contain any ingredients which can exacerbate rosacea. See our article on rosacea


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By Nina Weston


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