Natural Makeup in your 20s to 30s


In your twenties and thirties dare to experiment with colour and trends and use textures suited to your skin type.

Avoid wearing too much makeup including over drawn brows in your twenties as it can be ageing. Instead wear softer and more natural makeup including lip gloss, shimmering eyeshadows and radiance boosters to enhance your natural complexion.

In your thirties emphasise one feature over another such as smokey eyes with nude lips or strong lips with natural eyes; use light formulas and avoid heavy shimmers.

Key Products

Mineral powder or natural liquid foundation (depending on your skin type – check out our skin tool to the left of the page)

Tinted Moisturiser or BB Cream for summer

Concealer – for concealing under eye shadows and blemishes

Eyebrow pencil or powder

Eyeshadow palette – Shimmer, matt or cream depending on preference

Eyeliner – Try liquid or gel liner on your upper eyelid to create feline flicks

Mascara – Black will accentuate your lashes the most

Highlighter – Try a liquid highlighter for a more subtle look

Blusher – Try a cream blusher for a flawless finish

Lipstick or lipgloss depending on preference


How to hide dark circles: Use a orange based (for blue tones) or purple based (for purple tones) under-eye concealer (light-weight liquid formula).

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By Nina Weston


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