Cleaning your Makeup Brushes & Products


Old and poorly kept makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to eye and skin irritation, breakouts and more. Here are our tips to keeping it cleaner, safer and longer lasting.

Brushes and Sponges

Wash your foundation sponge after each use.

Regularly replace sponges.

Cleanse and condition makeup brushes weekly using an organic soap or shampoo – tea tree, maunka and camomile are ideal for their anti-bacterial properties.

Use a mild conditioner on brushes to keep them soft.

Make sure the brushes are well rinsed and let them air dry naturally.


Although mascara contains preservatives, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria over time from repeated use of the wand.

For ultimate hygiene replace every three months.

Never share.

Replace following any eye irritation/infection.



Every time you use your eye pencil sharpen it to remove any bacteria on the wood.

Only use specifically formulated eye pencils on the inner rim.

Never share.


With gel eyeliner, take a little from the pot and place on a palette to use with your eye liner brush; this avoids bacteria being built up in the pot.


Liquid liner can also be used as above.

Replace every six months.

Never share.

Lipstick and lipgloss

Take extra caution with lipstick/lipgloss since they can spread disease, including viral infections such as cold sores.

Always replace lid immediately to avoid bacteria growth.

If you don’t use the colour regularly and want it to last/stay hygienic for longer, scrape a little off the lipstick using a spatula, place on a palette and take from there using a lip brush. You can also do the same with gloss (use the gloss wand to put some product directly onto a clean palette and apply with a lip brush).

Never share.

Replace yearly. 


Bacteria usually requires moisture to breed so powder eyeshadows should be safe and long lasting.

Cream eyeshadows require more care to stay hygienic; you can follow the spatula palette method to minimise double dipping into the pot.

Cream shadows should be replaced every six months.

Never share.


Mineral powder tends to be very hygienic especially if you are not putting your brush directly into the pot.

Liquid foundation will stay safe from bacteria if it is in a pump or pour bottle. If it is a pot, avoid putting your fingers directly into it or double dipping your brush.

By Nina Weston


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