Foundation for Oily Skin


If you have oily skin choosing the right foundation can pose a challenge but it really doesn’t have to.

Avoid oil based and synthetic liquid foundations, filled with film formers and surfactants, which can look patchy within a couple of hours, slide off the skin and increase sebum production. Instead try a powder foundation which will help mattify skin and reduce the appearance of any shine.

Natural beauties are in luck because mineral powder foundation is ideal for oily skin types. Not only will it cover blemishes, scarring and discolouration but is so gentle it won’t irritate or encourage breakouts. Mica in the minerals prevents it slipping and sliding or causing excess shine.

Mineral makeup is devoid of any skin irritants and synthetics, such as petrochemicals, talc, dyes, fragrance and binders. Natural and mineral makeup is also preservative free and non-comodogenic.

The weightless coverage also provides broad-spectrum SPF (from UVA, UVB and UVC rays) in the form of titanium or zinc oxide (extra sunscreen is recommended for strong rays and long periods outdoors.)

With an oily skin type, there is no need to apply a primer or moisturiser prior to use as your natural oils will provide the only emollient needed – but ensure skin is clean. Your natural oils will also mix with the minerals to provide a radiant finish. For a matt finish build up the coverage with repeated layers.

For further advice, read our articles on applying mineral makeup and skincare for oily skin.

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By Nina Weston


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