Safe Skincare for Pregnancy


Get greener skincare for pregnancy.

There has never been a better excuse to throw out the old chemical-based beauty products and replace with natural alternatives then when preggers.

Safe Pregnancy Cosmetics

With no longer just yourself to protect; a number of common ingredients found in every day chemical and synthetic beauty products have been linked to problems for mums- and bubs-to-be, including the following:

Retinoids (Vitamin A) – Found in skin care and some makeup products; some studies have shown high doses of vitamin A to be harmful to unborn babies. In particular, foetal malformations have been linked to the use of tretinoin during early stage pregnancy.

Phthalates – Most commonly found in nail polish and “fragrance,” but also makeup, cleanser and conditioner, have long been linked to hormonal disruption. Researchers from Denmark found contamination of human breast milk with phthalates “has direct influence on the postnatal surge of reproductive hormones in newborn boys” (Main et al. 2006).

Parabens – Found in cleanser, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, styling gel and mousse, toothpaste and whitening, bath oil, exfoliant, makeup, sunscreen, hair colour. Studies have shown parabens mimic the effects of oestrogen in the body and may contribute to male fertility problems since they act like hormones and can disrupt the body's immune system.

Toluene – Also found in nail polish, exposure of pregnant women during critical stages of foetal development could cause disruption to neuronal development. (Yamaguchi, H; Kidachi Y, Ryoyama K – May-June 2002).

Formaldehyde – Found in nail treatment, hair colour, styling products and sunscreen. It is a suspected carcinogen and readily absorbed through the skin. Occupational exposure has been linked with higher rates of miscarriage.

Benzophenones (including Oxybenzone) – Found in chemical fragrances, sunscreens, moisturiser, lipsticks, styling products, body wash, shampoo and conditioners, hairspray, liquid soap and exfoliators. Certain forms can potentially damage DNA and has been detected in human milk.

Not sure what to replace with? We recommend gentle, organic and natural skincare regimens such as the below, or visit our skin care section and use the navigation to search by product type and skin type.

Skincare Recommendations

Both jojoba oil and rosehip oil can help reduce scarring so are ideal for tending to stretch marks. Jojoba triples up as a moisturiser and makeup remover and rosehip a fabulous anti-ageing moisturiser so you can use fewer products. Pregnancy hormones can play havoc with the skin so you may like to keep it hydrated with a natural face mask once a week too. Regular perfumes can contain many strong chemicals that can be absorbed so you may wish to switch to natural while pregnant.

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By Nina Weston


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